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This survey commissioned by National Geographic found that
41% of Americans believe that stocking up on supplies or building
a bomb shelter is a wiser investment than a 401(k).

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WARNING: Graphic image contained in the section on OJ Simpson.

2 Dead, Dozens Hurt after 6.7 Quake Hits Greek and Turkish Resorts, Tsunami Forced Tens of Thousands to Sleep Outdoors – Tourists Warned Aftershocks Will Hit Next – HOLLY NOTE: This is odd since there have been several large mag temblors of late and not during a full moon.

Mt. Sinabung Erupts, Causes Earthquakes
Severe Weather Onslaught to Continue Across Midwestern US into the Weekend
100 New Wildfires in California Alone
58 Fires Nationwide Larger Than 1,000 Acres…
Wildfire Danger Forecast

Firefighters Resuscitate Dog Saved from Flames

Smoke from Mariposa Fire Chokes Tahoe Basin, Creates Apocalyptic Sunset

Bill Nye: Climate Science Needs Older Generations to ‘Die’ Off – HOLLY NOTE: At 61, does he start with himself?

Minnesota Schools Adopt Transgender Toolkit for Kindergartners

Chipotle Strikes Again: Over 130 People Say They Got Sick after Eating at the Restaurant That Was Recently Shut Down

University of Chicago Professor: Infanticide Is Morally Acceptable
Trump Axes 860 Obama Regulations, 179 from ‘Secret’ List

Food Stamp Use Falls to Lowest Level in 7 Years
Globally, More Name U.S. Than China as World’s Leading Economic Power
More U.S. Households Are Renting Than at Any Point in 50 Years
Anti-Poverty CEOs Paid $4.8 Million Total
More Christian than Muslim Refugees in US under Trump, But Fewer Overall
Islam’s Onslaught of America Part 9: To Seed Host Countries to Gain Numbers
Where Have the 9-spotted Ladybugs Gone? Scientists Ask for Your Photos to Document Sightings

PETA Plans to Put Up Billboard to Honor Cows That Were Killed in Semi Crash in Indiana
Commentary on TV Doomsday Asteroid Scenario – Salvation Episode 2: Just need $2 billion, but can only get more than half from the gov. – HOLLY NOTE: That's a bit implausible. To save the world, the Dream Team of fix-it people can't get a measly $2 billion, yet they can steal $10 TRILLION – in real life – from the American public and it goes undetected. Right…
Related: $10 Trillion Missing from Pentagon and No One — Not Even the DoD Knows
Oppressive Heat to Build Across Central Plains This Week

Why Do We Call Them the Dog Days of Summer?

Winter Storms Fuel Western Wildfires, Forcing Evacuations

Wildfires Rage Through British Columbia, Forcing 40,000 from Their Homes

Flood Threat to Mount as Severe Storms Lash Midwestern US into Late Week

Alabama's 60,000-Year-Old Underwater Forest Spills Its Secrets in New Documentary
Trump: ‘Let ObamaCare Fail and Then Come Together and Do a Great Healthcare Plan’
McConnell: Senate to Try to Repeal ObamaCare Next Week
Blame Democrats Who Created ObamaCare and Are Dishonest About It

Conservatives Rage Over Prospect of Total Health Care Failure – Say Republicans Risk Congressional Majority If Not Repealed
As GOP Health Effort Stalls, Senator Warns of Looming 'Insurance Bailout'
Are Republicans Wasting Their Health Care Mandate?
For the Love of Charlie Gard

Little Charlie Given U.S. Citizenship 'Giving Him Treatment Lifeline'
Limbaugh: If We Want to Cover Preexisting Conditions, Call It Welfare – Not Insurance
Keeping Illegal Drugs from Flowing into the US Must Be a Multilateral Effort – HOLLY NOTE: Drug smugglers never lack imagination for moving narcotics across the border. As long as Americans provide a massively receptive market, drugs will stream in.
Parents Enraged at Teen Vogue over How-to Column Celebrating Anal Sex
Russians Suspected in NotPetya Malware Attacks – Data-Destroying Cyber Attacks Mimic Ransomware

It's Much Worse Than We Feared

Loose Lips Sink Ships: Mueller Probe Team Starts Leaking Special Counsel Investigation Details to Press
Slovenia’s Side of Melania’s Story: How the First Lady’s Upbringing in Communist Eastern Europe Shaped Her Fight for Freedom in America

Minneapolis Killer-Cop’s Neighbor Says Mohamed Noor Was “Strict, Ill-Tempered, He Has Little Respect for Women and Blacks”

FBI Turns Over 7,000 Documents from Weiner Laptop in Clinton-tied Case – HOLLY NOTE: Hard to miss the irony here when Slick Willy couldn't keep his weiner zipped.

Sick of your Congressman? Elect a Veteran
Cavuto: "Sanctimonious" Media Had No Outrage for Obama's "Flexibility"
FBI Changed Time of Weapons Theft to Deflect Suspicion Over Seth Rich
Here’s the Chain Reaction Trump Could Set Off by Trying to Fire Mueller

O.J. Simpson Tells Parole Board: “Nobody Ever Accused Me of Pulling Any Weapon on Them” – HOLLY NOTE: That's because they were dead. He pulled a knife through Nicole Simpson's neck bearly severing it and through Ron Goldman's body. We have never met a single person who believed Simpson was innocent – especially after being found guilty of double murder in civil court – of nearly beheading his former wife and her friend – not lover, Ron Goldman. Goldman was merely returning her glasses she'd left at the restaurant where he was a waiter. However, race and fame as a sports hero and movie star granted him freedom.

I watched every single minute of the pre-trial and the 17-month trial itself. What court room theater! Who won't forget that brilliant defense attorney, Johnny Cochran's line on Simpson's bloody glove found at the scene: "If It Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit." Of course it didn't fit after it'd shrunk from being soaked in Nicole's blood and Simpson wore rubber gloves underneath the evidence gloves.

Just like 9/11, I remember exactly where I was when the verdict for this savage murder was announced, and stood in disbelief for both. More murder scene photos here.

It was common knowledge that Simpson had brutally beat Nicole in the years before murdering her: Simpson Had Wife-beating History.

And whoever, WHOEVER, would pen a 'confession book' while in the pen, entitled "If I Did It". No one except an insanely egotistical ex-husband, guilty of murder and above the law.
Ex-Obama Official Who Urged anti-Trump 'Leaking' Lobs New Accusations at President
Why the GOP Congress Will Be the Most Unproductive in 164 Years
Congressional Job Approval: Real Clear Politics Average 17.6%, Monmouth 18%, PPP (D) 11%, Economist/YouGov 13%, Reuters/Ipsos 26%, Gallup 20% – HOLLY NOTE: Whaddaya bet that the next poll sees their approval rating take another nosedive.
Paul Ryan’s Approval Rating Plummets as Speaker Fails to Deliver for President Trump

4 Trump Pentagon Picks Breeze Through Confirmation Hearing
Trump to Visit Pentagon Thursday
Freedom for Christian Cake Artist Is Freedom for All, Even Same-Sex Marriage Backers

U.S. Still Unable to Evacuate Overseas Embassies in Case of Emergency
Report: Trump, Putin Spoke for Unreported Second Time at G-20
FAKE NEWS: White House Calls Idea of ‘Second Meeting’ Between Trump and Putin ‘False, Malicious and Absurd’

NRA Goes After WaPo: Your Slogan Should Be 'Journalism Dies' Here
California Struggles to Implement New Gun-Control Measures
Totally Terrifying: Mark Zuckerberg in a Dead Heat with Trump in 2020 Theoretical Election Poll
Obama-era Surveillance Timeline

House Unveils Budget That Balances, Achieves $9 Billion Surplus, Increases GDP to 2.6%
Foreigners Snapping up U.S. Homes
‘Death Saint’ Cult: What You Never Knew: Awful Rituals from This Folk 'religion' Have Popped Up in the U.S., Alarming Law Enforcement

Qatar, Saudi Arabia to Islamize One of Europe's Greatest Cathedrals
Dad Allegedly Killed Daughter Over Muslim Boyfriend

Bear Turns Heads By Riding in Motorcycle Sidecar, Waving to Onlookers

Senators Graham, Durbin Introduce Bipartisan Dream Act
California Judge Refuses to Bring Back Trump's Sanctuary Cities Ban
ICE Chief: We're Coming for Sanctuary Cities. And We're Not Sorry.

Thousands of New ICE Agents to Be Sent to Sanctuary Cities
Mexican Cartel Convoy Ambushes Border State Cops, Kills Bystander
South Carolina Restaurant Worker Who Allegedly Dumped Newborn in Trash Had Been Ordered to Leave US

Lawful Mexican Immigrants Among the Least Likely to Become U.S. Citizens – HOLLY NOTE: This is hardly cost prohibitive if they could move their entire household, possessions and family here. The current filing fee is $725 – $640 for citizenship application fees and $85 for a background check.
More Than Half of New Green Cards Go to People Already Living in the U.S.
DHS Head Kelly: Laptop Ban Came After Test Blew Up Plane

Paper: Future of Globalization ‘Shaken’ by Trump Victory, Nationalist ‘Political Earthquakes’
Coast Guard Rescues Stranded Couple as Advancing Atlantic Waves Threaten to Sweep Them to Their Deaths

Germany: Man Wearing Cross Beaten by Migrant Gang
Toronto Man Irks City after Building Stairs for $550 After $65,000 Estimate

Sweden Stands at Abyss as National Police Chief Begs for Help

German Judge Warns of Court System 'collapse' Due to Mass Number of Asylum Complaints
Kids Get an Adoption Day Surprise from Mickey Mouse
Beautiful New Crop Circle in England: 400-Foot Metatron's Cube

IT'S OFFICIAL: US Confirms NKorea Can Hit America with Nuclear ICBM

NKorea May Have More Nuclear Weapons Material Than Previously Thought
NKorea Committing ‘NAZI-era Atrocities’ and Executing People in SCHOOLS
Iran Military Warns Against IRGC Sanctions
Mayor in Italy: "We are INVADED, OVERWHELMED" by Muslim Migrants

House Democrats Cry Russia in Failed Effort to Derail Border Wall Funding
President of Latino Group: ‘La Raza’ Name Was 'a Barrier to Our Mission' – HOLLY NOTE: "A rose by any other name is still a rose" and so is the group who called themselves The Race.
Phoenix PD’s Sanctuary City Proposal Could Trigger Spike in Violence, Say Officers
Democratic Lawmaker Wants Second Statue of Liberty on Mexican Border – Immigration Enforcement Advocate Says Rep. José Serrano 'Has No Idea' What American Landmark 'is All About' – HOLLY NOTE: It's hard to imagine a more astonishing display of ignorance.

Temple Mount Clashes Palestinians: 14 Hurt, One in Critical

Doomsday Averted on the Temple Mount, for Now
Minister: Israel Will Now Act to Reestablish Jewish Sovereignty Over Temple Mount

PA Leader Warns Israel over Al-Aqsa

Stolen Dog Is Returned to Bereft NFL Star

Man’s 6th Sense Helps Save Baby’s Life

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