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NEWS MAR 19National Let’s Laugh Day
Severe Storms to Ignite in Southeastern US into Tuesday

Much of the US Will See Floods in the East, Drought in the West, and Unusually Warm Temperatures Coast-To-Coast

UK Weather Warning: Met Office Issues New ‘RISK to LIFE’ Alert for 'Heavier Snow'
…Travel Chaos with Hundreds of Flights Cancelled, Drivers Stranded

Another 'Beast from the East' Could Unleash Major Cold Snap on UK, Set for 'White Easter'
Tropical Cyclone Marcus Slams Parts of Australia

Coldest March 17th in the Netherlands Since Records Began
Coldest March 17th in the Netherlands Since Records Began
Hottest Autumn Day in 78 Years Hits Sydney
Terrified Melbourne Residents Surrounded By Out-of-Control Fires Are Told It's Too Late to Evacuate, Hunker Down Indoors

Bushfire Destroys at Least 70 Homes and Businesses on Australia's NSW South Coast
9/11 Hero Who Saved Hundreds Dies of Cancer at Age 45

DOJ Plans to Seek Death Penalty in Drug Overdose Cases When 'Appropriate'
Big Pharma and Its Battle Lines
Extreme Tats at London's Tattoo Convention 2018: Nothing Escapes the Ink

Millennials Piercing Their Fingers With Diamonds Instead of Rings
Dino Dog! World’s Biggest Puppy Bred to Recreate Extinct 7,000-Year-Old Monster Dog – 6Ft Tall at Just 9 Months

How to Safely Travel With Pets
Widespread Dog Flu Across Country, Multiple Strains Reported

Austin on Edge: 2 More People Injured in 4th Blast to Rock Texas Town in Weeks

Senators Suspect Comey Lied and Plotted to Double-Cross Trump, Seek Second Special Counsel
Law Prof: Did McCabe Just Throw Comey Under The Bus For Perjury? 

In Angry Tweetstorm, Trump Accuses Comey of Perjury, Slams McCabe "Fake Memo", Assails Mueller Team

James Woods in Tweet War With ex-CIA Director Shuts Down Brennan's Shocking Attack on President Trump

A History of Alleged Intimidation and Tampering In House Hacking Case Marked By Witnesses’ Silence
Gowdy Says Terminated McCabe Was His Own Worst Enemy
McCabe Firing Background Information
POLL: Majority Troubled By 'Deep State' Manipulative Policy
Hillary Clinton's Latest Cover-up – Hides Broken Wrist Under a Shawl and Custom Kurta – HOLLY NOTE: After this fall in the shower in India that snapped her wrist, twice falling down steps in Mumbai, multiple falls during her presidential campaign, coughing attacks during speeches, eyes caught on camera going wonky and word slurrying, you really do have to wonder what's wrong with her.

Meet Hillary Clinton’s Other, Much More Powerful and Shadowy Oppo Research Firm That Thousands of Dollars to Her 2016 Presidential Campaign
Hillary Clinton Tries to Explain Her Latest Comments on Trump Voters After Backlash

In California's Rural, Conservative North, There Are Big Dreams for Cleaving the State

Erasing More History: College of the Holy Cross Removes 'Crusaders' Mascot, Submits to "Islamophobia" Accusations
Nolte: Disgraced Media Already Hit with Massive Layoffs in 2018
Nun Says She's Left With Nothing After Legal Fight with Katy Perry

PC Run Amuck: Muslim Students Want Fellow Florida Student Expelled For Refusing to Try on a Hijab on Hijab Day
China Launches New Campaign Against Christianity
Third German Teen Girl Murdered By an Afghan Migrant: She Refused to Convert to Islam
The Atheist Delusion Movie

'Army of Islam' Would Be World's Biggest Military: Turkey Hints at Forming 5-Million-Strong Alliance Against Israel

Russia Claims US Deploys Warships For Imminent Attack on Syria, Trains Militants For False Flag Attack

Tens of Thousands of Civilians Stream Out of Towns Throughout Syria
Russia Stockpiling Nerve Agent, Says Johnson
German Spy Agency Said North Korean Rockets Can Reach Europe
India And Pakistan: Inching Toward Their Final War?

Illegal Immigrant Acquitted in Steinle Killing Accuses Feds of 'Vindictive Prosecution' – HOLLY NOTE: Why is this illegal alien who killed Kate Steine and was previously deported 5 times still even in this country?

Rep. Steve King on the Omnibus Spending Battle: ‘Let’s Fund the Whole Wall and Let’s Build It All’

Lawyer in US illegally Gets California State Post – Father of a Victim Killed By an Illegal Immigrant Says When It Comes to Illegal Immigration Laws Are 'Irrelevant' in California
Los Alamitos May Reject California Sanctuary Law
Immigration Agency's Latest California Focus Hits San Diego
Can Trump Reach a Deal With Democrats Over DACA?
Immigrants Living in Limbo Prepare to Become Untraceable – HOLLY NOTE: If they've committed no serious crimes, then they have nothing to fear.
Putin Wins 4th Term in Landslide Amid Reports of Rampant Voter Fraud

Britain '4 Meals Away From Anarchy' If Cyber Attack Takes Out Power Grid
Global SITREP A10-18: Syria - Part IV

The Kingdom on the Brink - An Interview With Dr. Ali Alyami
Vienna: 2 Austrians Walking Their Dog Brutally, Randomly Beaten By 30 Muslim Migrants
Smuggler's Boat Sinks Off Coast of Greek Island Killing 16 Migrants
Chinese Reporter's Spectacular Eye-Roll Goes Viral, Sparks Censorship

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