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If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935

APR 14
Latest Stream Updates on Pregnant April the Giraffe
APR 13
Elephants Pass Intelligence Test With Flying Colors: 'Profound Implications' for Our Understanding of Species
April the Giraffe's Calf Has 'Significant Movement'
APR 11
Why Loving Dogs Is Good for Your Health: People Exposed to Pets From an Early Age Are Less Likely to Be Obese and Have Fewer Allergies
Two Ludlow High School Students to be Arraigned Following Animal Cruelty Charges
Watch Live: April the Giraffe Showing ‘Extra Discharge and Swell’
Dead Humpback Whale Washes Up on Beach in Queens, NY
April the Giraffe Latest: Vet Loses Temper as Fans Desperate for Giraffe News
MAR 31
Polar Prayer! Pious Polar Bear Is Caught Seeking Divine Intervention in Front of Snow Covered Cross
April the Giraffe Should Give Birth SOON: Zookeepers Announce ‘We Are in the Home Stretch'
Snake Gets Its Comeuppance After Attacking a Porcupine – Gets Pierced By Spikes
Watch Villagers Pour Water into the Mouth of Thirsty King Cobra
MAR 30
The World's Rarest and Most Ancient Dog Has Just Been Rediscovered in the Wild
Dog Sticks His Nose in Girl's Mouth – video
MAR 24
Dog, Pulled from Fire, Revived After 20 Minutes of Mouth-to-Snout Resuscitation
50 Secrets Your Pet Won’t Tell You
'Horrific Incident': Family Speaks Out After Pet Dog Killed By 'Cyanide Bomb'
Pet Food Brand Riddled With Lies and False Claims
Urgent Food Poisoning Alert for All Dog Owners
MAR 23
Turtle Nicknamed Bank Dies 2 Weeks After Surgery to Remove 915 Coins from His Stomach
Dramatic video captures Conservationists Struggle to Save Desperate Orangutan from Drowning in a Raging River
Abused Shelter Dog a Hero for Finding Naked Girl Shivering in Cold
April the Giraffe Is Now a Month Past Due. She's Been Pregnant Since 2015.
MAR 20
Still Waiting on April the Giraffe's Baby – Only Live Feed – video
Zookeepers Hand-Feed Baby Wallaroo in Makeshift Pouch
Humpback Whales Are Behaving Strangely and Scientists Want to Know Why
MAR 16
Watch LIVE: April the Giraffe’s Vet Suggests Movement for Birthing – video
MAR 14
Massachusetts Retirees Knit Sweaters for Chilly Chickens, Now They're Laying More Eggs
MAR 13
Australian Shepherd, Blakely, Acts as Nanny for Rare Malayan Tiger Cubs
Air Force Sergeant Cradles Dead Military Dog Draped in US Flag After Heartbreaking Decision to Put Him Down
Grief-stricken Baby Monkey In Tears After Mother Is Run Over
Cute Pup Adopted By Monastery Melts Hearts Around the World
Dogs 'Deliberately Deceive Owners' to Get What They Want
MAR 10
Recall of Evanger's Dog Food Tainted By Death Drug Widened
Dog Can’t Stop Smiling After Finding Dentures While Digging in the Garden
Surgeons Remove 915 Coins Swallowed By Sea Turtle
Crocodile Shark That's More At Home In Tropical Waters Washes Up On Uk Beach For First Time In History
NOAA Spots Ufo-Looking Jellyfish, Other Astounding Life Forms In Latest Sea Dive
Woman Sleeps with Her Snake Every Night,Then Doctors Tell Her the Horrifying Truth
Famous Swimming Pigs of the Bahamas Dying Thanks to Tourists Giving Them Booze, Riding Them
Kansas City Home Overrun With Snakes Leaves Family in Fear, But Unable to Move Without Deposit
FEB 28
Dog Abandoned at Gas Station Is Now an Adorable Full-Time Employee
Volunteers Race to Rescue Dogs Left Behind by Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters
Dog Rescued After Falling Through Ice in Boston
Dog Teaches Itself to Climb Ladder So He Can Chase After Family's Cat
FEB 24
World's 'Oldest Known Wild Bird' Hatches Chick, Again!
YouTube Pulls Giraffe Birth – Cited as "Pornographic Content"
FEB 22
Smithsonian's Giant Panda Bao Bao Boards 'Panda Express' for China – video
FEB 20
'Meals on Wheels' Didn't Work Out for Raccoon Caught on Garbage Truck
FEB 17
Your Dog Has a Longer Memory Than Chimps
Dogs Have Human-Like Sense of Morality, Japanese Research
Gene Therapy Could Save Thousands of Dogs from Muscle-wasting Disease
FEB 16
Endangered Antelopes Face 'Catastrophic' Die-Off
Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Hitting Deer During Takeoff
FEB 15
Rumor the German Shepherd Wins Best in Show Prize at Westminster
FEB 14
Lonely Stray Cat with Big Heart on His Chest Has Found Loving New Home
10 Native Bees and How to Welcome Them to Your Landscape
Dogs Found to Mirror Owners' Emotional States
Texas Couple Shares Home With Enormous Buffalo
FEB 13
PetSmart Recalls Dog and Cat Food After Metal Found – Could Pose Choking Hazard
FEB 10
Thousands of Dead Bees Wash Ashore on FL Beach
Malayan Tiger Cubs Born at the Cincinnati Zoo
Casey on Guard
Playful River Otter Captured Sliding on Snow – video
Update: Nearly 3,300 Birds Dead in Disease Outbreak in Washington State
Police Find 133 Cats During Louisiana Meth Lab Bust – All Had to Be Euthanized
Euthanasia Drug Found In Dog Food Prompts Recall
NASA Investigates If Solar Storms Cause Animal Beachings
Avian Cholera Kills Nearly 2,500 Birds in Washington State
‘Psychic Cat’ Sold for $85,000 to ‘Well Groomed Blonde Witch’ to Use in Séances
Family Discovers Moose Trapped in Their Basement
Dog Chained Up For 15 Years Finds New Home Thanks to Ricky Gervais
Avian Cholera Kills 2500 Birds in Washington, May Have Spread to Oregon
Millions of Dead Fish Wash Up on Shores in Chile
JAN 27
Adorable Rescue Dog Gently Picks Up Her 11 Puppies and Places Them 1 By 1 in Her Foster Mom's Lap
Zoo to Australians: Please Help Us Catch Deadly Funnel-Web Spiders, We’re Running Short
Dog Saves Friend from Being Swept Away By Strong River Current – video
JAN 26
Elk Walks into Colorado Store, Hangs Out for Nearly an Hour
JAN 20
FDA Warns of Skin Cancer Cream That Killed 5 Dogs
Incredible Moment an Orangutan Uses a Saw to Cut Tree Branches After Watching Builders Do It
Neglected Dogs Become Best Friends After Rescue
Shocking Things You Should Know About Humane Society of the U.S.
Woman Throws Dog from 30-Foot Bridge, Claiming It Can Fly
JAN 19
Her Parents Left Her Alone With The Dogs. When They Came Back, They Were Stunned.
Beautiful Albino Hummingbird – video
JAN 18
Mall Opens its Doors for Stray Dogs During Winter Storm
New Moth Species Named for Donald Trump
82 False Killer Whales Die in Largest Stranding in Florida History, Another 13 Still Unaccounted For
JAN 17
Video of 12-Foot Florida Gator Creates Buzz
JAN 13
Dog Stays With Owner For 20 Hours After Man Breaks His Neck in Michigan
Elusive Ruby Seadragon Seen In Australia's Wild For First Time
Pig Snuggles With Ducklings That Were Rescued After Being Abandoned
JAN 11
Hilarious Moment Dog Tries Out New Snow Shoes – Has No Idea How To Run Around In Them – video
Bumblebee Is First Bee in Continental US Listed As Endangered
Raised for Meat in SKorea, Dogs Head For New Homes in U.S.
JAN 10
Denver Police Horse Dies After Officer Forgot He Was Tied In Stall Without Food or Water
Rescuers Find 19 Puppies Abandoned In Box
Southwest Florida Eagle Cam – HOLLY NOTE: We've never watched a live cam of anything till this eagle. We saw when 2 eggs became 1 egg and a hatched eaglet. First thing I switch on in the morning is this eagle cam. Silly bird stuff got us addicted. Stan says that the wisdom coming from Facebook is that the 2nd egg is unviable. Dad eagle knew, buried it deeply in the nest at the beginning. This mom eagle is stellar. She's sat on the nest day and night, getting little if no sleep, bitten by mosquitos and other bugs, plus small insects crawling on her beak and face, and the egg. We know she didn't get sleep because literally every 3 seconds she shakes her head to move off insects. The egg laid on the Nov. 22nd is the one that hasn't broken out, so it's now deemed dead. We don't know how long it takes for the mom eagle to understand. The new little bird is named E9 Wobbles. One young boy also watching this eagle cam said this eaglet is "the God bless America" eagle.
Cats Can't Stop Giving Their Dog Mom Kisses – video
8 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ in Dog
Moose Family Passes Through Backyard in Steamboat Springs, Colorado – video
Massive Fish Kill in Nova Scotia is ‘Perplexing’ But No ‘Great Cause Of Concern’: Federal Scientist
Reindeer Still Radioactive 30 Years After Chernobyl
Pug Pulls Ultimate Guilty Expression as His Owner Jokingly Tells Him About His 'Bad Habits'