Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
—Ronald Reagan, 1981

APR 13
England's High Street Dying: 900 Stores Disappear as Closures Outpace Openings for 7th Straight Year
Puerto Rico Seen Sliding Toward Bankruptcy As Deadline Nears
APR 12
New York Gives Unions a Tax Break – Carve-out Allows Workers to Deduct 100% of Dues From Income Taxes
EPA Employees Billed Taxpayers $15,000 for Gym Memberships in Vegas
Ben Carson Finds $500 Billion in Errors During Audit of Obama HUD
Toshiba Files Unaudited Results and Says Future Is in Doubt
What's Behind Toshiba's Financial Crisis?
Wal-Mart Will Pay You to Go Into Its Stores ... Sort of
Are Corporate Pensions About to Start Dumping Their $1 Trillion in Equity Holdings
Bank Stocks Slammed as Treasury Curve Crumbles to 6-Month Lows
How China Is Keeping Its Financial System From Collapsing, In One Chart
APR 11
NOW Is the Time to Make Your Move on This before It’s Too Late
APR 10
These Major Retailers Are Closing Stores in 2017
IRS Quietly Confiscating Millions from Small Business Owners
Great Debt Unwind: Personal And Commercial Bankruptcies Surge In March
Taxpayers Have Lost Billions to Tax Scammers: Here's How to Avoid Becoming a Victim
New York Set To Be First State With 'Free' Tuition At Public Colleges
Government Shutdown Odds Are Rising, Goldman Warns
Trump Thump: Unemployment Drops to 4.5%
The Unavoidable Pension Crisis
Another Central Bank Throws in the Towel: Czech National Bank Ends Currency Cap, Floats Koruna
Fitch: 8 Retailers Will File for Bankruptcy Next
More Good News for Trump's Economy as Private Sector Companies Added 263,000 Jobs in March, Crushing Expectations
Money Riots Coming in Next Financial Collapse-James Rickards
'10 Years Down to 1' – Trump Spills the Beans on Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Bill
Elizabeth Warren’s Office Hit with Wage-Gap Spotlight: ‘Nearly 10% Wider Than the National Average’
Intel Insider Who Simulated Financial War Games for Government: “What They’re Going to Do Is Lock Down the System… Close the Banks, Money Market Funds, Stock Exchanges”
Trump Winning: Trade Gap Shrinks as Exports Rise
DOJ Warns US Companies: Don't Put American Workers at Disadvantage
The Next Subprime Crisis Is Here: 12 Signs That a Day of Reckoning Has Arrived for the U.S. Auto Industry
What Is America Going to Look Like When Stocks, Home Prices and Even Used Cars All Crash By at Least 50%?
Bill Blain: "Markets Are Becoming Increasingly Binary"
Cigarette Tax Hike Takes Effect in California, Costs Surge By $2 Per Pack
Moscow and Beijing Join Forces to Bypass US Dollar In Global Markets, Shift to Gold Trade
Trump Revokes Obama EO Awarding Contracts to Companies with LGBT Policies
China May Import Its Workers to Canada as It Seeks "Total Access" to Canadian Market
Auto Industry Resorts to Biggest Incentives Ever to Slow Decline in Sales
MAR 31
New Trump Orders Will Target Trade Deficit
House Committee Passes Bill to "Audit the Fed"
L.A. to Worsen Housing Shortage With New Rent Controls
Margin Debt Hits New Record High But Analysts Say "Don’t Worry"
In Ominous Sign For Banks, Equity Trading Revenues Continue To Drop
MAR 29
Trump Trade Stance Turns U.S. Automakers Hawkish on China
Ben Stein: We Essentially Have a Civil War Going On
What A Westinghouse Bankruptcy Could Mean for U.S. Utilities
Brexit Day Arrives: Why One Trader Thinks It Will Lead to a "Hefty Rally" In Sterling
Wells Fargo to Pay $110 Million to Settle Fake Account Suit
MAR 27
America's March to Default
Your Pension Will Be at the Center of America's Next Financial Crisis
Bond Bears Panic, Cover Shorts at Fastest Pace Since Brexit; But Rate-Hike Bets Top $3 Trillion
MAR 24
TransCanada Gets Presidential Permit for Keystone XL
Biggest US Equity Outflows Since Brexit; US Banks Hit The Hardest
MAR 23
Payless Shoes Is Said to Be Filing for Bankruptcy Next Week
This New Bubble Is Even Bigger Than the Subprime Fiasco
Most Still Think Too Many on Welfare Who Shouldn’t Be
MAR 22
Sears Drops New Bombshell, Acknowledges Doubts About Future
Global Stocks Tumble; Gold, Safe Havens Jump on Doubts Trump Can Pass Tax Reform
Nonprofits Hid $179 Million in EPA Grants When They Criticized Trump's Budget
Venezuela Stops Publishing Money Supply Data For Obvious Reasons
MAR 20
In First 2 Months in Office: Trump Reduced Debt by $100 Billion – Obama Increased Debt by $400 Billion
Idaho House Passes Bill to Support Sound Money, Undermine Federal Reserve Monopoly
Germany Slams Trump's Claim That It Owes "Vast Sums" to NATO and the U.S.
Row Breaks Out at G-20 Over Future of Global Trade
Banks Are Evil
MAR 17
Trump Says He’s Not Satisfied With Jobs Number
Trump Budget Proposes to End Obama’s Federal Land Grabs
Winners, Losers in Trump's Budget Blueprint
Mortgage Rates Jump Again for 2nd Week and Hit 2017 Highs
Another "Recession Dead Ahead" Indicator Just Hit
You're Now Twice as Likely to Achieve the 'American Dream' in Canada
MAR 16
President to Release ‘America First Budget’: Blueprint Will Place Down Payment on Border Wall, Defense Increases and Domestic Cuts
Trump to Propose Cutting State Department Budget By Up to 31%, Foreign Aid By 28%
…Orders Fuel Economy Rule Review
Gold Settles Lower, Then Climbs After Fed Decision to Raise Interest Rates
Wall Street Sees 2 More Fed Rate Hikes in 2017, at Least 3 in 2018
12 Reasons Why The Federal Reserve May Have Just Made the Biggest Economic Mistake Since the Last Financial Crisis
How the Federal Reserve Is Setting Up Trump for a Recession, a Housing Crisis and a Stock Market Crash
China Is Again Selling US Treasuries as Foreign Central Banks Liquidate $45BN
Wells Fargo CEO Receives Pay Bump Despite Sales Scandal
Canada Flagged for Recession By BIS
Puerto Rico Bonds Are Plunging Again
MAR 15
Idaho House Votes Overwhelmingly to End Income Taxation of Precious Metals
Balance of Student Loans In Default Soars to Over $137 Billion
MAR 13
"Who Hit the Brakes?" - Bank Loan Creation Suddenly Tumbles to 5 Year Low
Another Taxpayer-Funded Energy Company Files for Bankruptcy – HOLLY NOTE: Another Obama thank you moment
Iceland to End Capital Controls From 2008 Financial Crisis
MAR 10
US Created 235,000 Jobs in Feb, vs 190,000 Expected, Wages Jumped Too; Unemployment Drops in Just One Month of Trump
Consumer Confidence At 9 Year High
39.1%: CBO Says U.S. Has Highest Top Statutory Corporate Tax Rate in G20
Mnuchin Calls on Congress to Raise Debt Limit
Death of the Food Court: Iconic Mall Chains Like Cinnabon, Sbarro, and Panda Express Are Transforming To Survive
Largest Onshore Oil Discovery in America for at Least 30 Years Just Happened in Alaska
$31,304,400,000: U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit With China Sets January Record
A Budget for Brexit: Hammond Lays The Groundwork for EU Divorce With Major Education Shake-Up And Social Care Funding Boost - But Will Raise Taxes
An Economic Perfect Storm Is Causing Oil Prices to Drop to New Lows
Whose Banks Are Riskiest: A Surprising Answer From The BIS
Greek Farmers Armed With Shepherd's Crooks And Stones Clash With Riot Police In Athens During Violent Protest Over Tax Hikes
Texas House Of Representatives Files Bill They Hope Will Save The Dallas Police Pension From Insolvency
Stunner: 298,000 Added to Workforce, Exceeding Expectations
Are We Witnessing the Weirdest Moment in Economic History?
Ivanka Trump Clothing Line Reports Record Sales in February
Voters Rate Jobs Most Important on Trump’s Agenda
Trump Cheers Exxon's Plan to Create 45,000 Jobs
Why the Fed's Almost-Certain Rate Hike Is an Even Bigger Deal Than Normal
The U.S. Government Changed H-1B Visa Rules. Here's What It Means for Tech
Arizona Challenges the Fed's Money Monopoly
A Third of U.S. Shopping Malls Are Projected to Close
US Charities Paying Million-Dollar Salaries to Chief Execs
The 100 Most Overpaid CEOs
$21.8 Million In Obamacare Tax Credits Awarded To Individuals Who Were Not Eligible
The Coming Great Wealth Transfer – Spoiler Alert! It's Already Here
Keystone Pipeline Won't Use Us Steel Despite Trump Pledge Because The Pipe Is Already On-Site
Home Depot To Add 80,000 Jobs For Spring
Costco To Raise Membership Fees
Deutsche Bank To Sell $8.5 Billion In Stocks, Announces Major Restructuring
Bank of America Sets Date for Market's "Great Fall"
Indian Economy Collapses As 'Demonetization' Crushes Small Business
Dakota Access Pipeline Expected to Bring $100M a Year to North Dakota
The Next Ponzi: $4.6BN Long-Term-Care Insurer to Liquidate in Penn.; Biggest Healthcare Failure Ever
US Is Short 7.4 Million Affordable Units For Poor Families: Report
Stocks Race to Another Record High After President Trump’s Joint Address to Congress
FEB 28
Trump Wants to Cut EPA’s Budget By $2 Billion, Cut 3,000 Staff
EPA Employees Used Gov’t Purchase Card to Spend $14,985 on Fitness Memberships
Obama Authorized Feds Spending $393,790 Studying Transwomen in Uganda
White House Defends $54 Billion Increase in Defense Spending
Takata Pleads Guilty in Air Bag Scandal, Will Pay $1B
Former IMF Chief Sent to Jail As Spain Prosecutes 65 Elite Bankers in Enormous Corruption Scandal
China Arrests 800 In Crackdown on Underground Banking
Minimum Wage Massacre: Wendy's Unleashes 1,000 Robots To Counter Higher Labor Costs – HOLLY NOTE: Economists has warned for years that those demanding $15/hr minimum wage were slitting their own throats.
Target Plunges 12% After Missing Lowest EPS Estimate, Slashing Outlook
Distributors Say Layoffs Coming Because of Philly Soda Tax
Barclays Server Crash Leaves Customers Unble to Withdraw Cash, Use Debit Cards
Stockman: "After March 15 Everything Will Grind to a Halt"
"There Must Not Be a Bail In": Germany Vows "No Debt Relief for Greece"
FEB 27
Trump Orders Task Force Push to Eliminate Red Tape
Warren Buffett Upbeat on US Business Growth
Report: Nearly Half of Students in College Think They Will Receive Federal (Taxpayer) Loan Forgiveness
Canada’s One of NATO’s Biggest Deadbeats, But with Trump, We Won’t Get Away With It Anymore – HOLLY NOTE: This editorial makes 2 very important points: 1) Obama and Bush 2 were perceived by the world as weak leaders; Trump is not. 2) In NATO (and elsewhere) America shoulders the financial burden way more than its fair share and carries other countries that can well afford to pay their equitable part. As Trump has made clear, we are done letting every other country suck the U.S. financial teat dry. Hence, new FAIR one-on-one trade deals. If no President has had leadership skills and courage to press the issue, why would they change? In this article, Canada admits they've let America carry the NATO defense expense load because they could. No wonder the world's newspapers are full of ire for Trump. Not only is the gravy train finished for illegal immigrants but for hanger-on countries as well.
Related: Only 5 NATO Countries Are Spending Their Fair Share on Defense
It’s Bubble Time!
Dutch May Withdraw from Etro
Indonesia, Australia Agree to Free Trade, Closer Naval Cooperation
FEB 24
Trump's Mandate: Make America Prosperous Again
It's (Past) Time to Bury Ellison’s Inclusive Prosperity Act
Infrastructure Stocks Tumble On Report Trump May Delay Infrastructure Bill Until 2018
Dallas Police Pension Board Approves Benefit Cuts; Asks for More Taxpayer Money to Avoid Collapse
Taiwan Joins Global War on Cash: Plans to Ban Purchases of Houses, Cars, & Jewelry
FEB 23
Philadelphia Soda Tax Leads to 30-50% Plunge in Sales, Mass Layoffs
New Study Finds That Trump's Immigration Crack Down Could Cost $5 Trillion in GDP Over 10 Years – HOLLY NOTE: So let them come and work here legally – with a green card. Where's the problem?
Republicans Look to Trump to Help Bolster Tax on Imported Goods
FEB 22
Stocks Up 10% Since Trump
Feds Paid $1 Billion in Social Security Benefits to Individuals Without a SSN
Left-Wing Front Groups Make Anti-Trump Money Untraceable – 'Fiscal Sponsors' Add Layer of Opacity to Liberal Dark Money Groups Fighting Trump Nominations
Trump Considers Tax Credit to Channel Public Money to Private Schools
Boycotts Backfire:
Ivanka Trump Perfume Soars to No.1 Bestseller on Amazon
Supermarket Chain Sells Out of Trump Wine
Dozens of Outback, Carrabba’s, Bonefish Restaurants Closing
FEB 21
Republican Bills To Kill Federal Agencies Face Uphill Battle
Trump’s EPA: The End of Bankrupting Industries By Bureaucrats
CNN Admits Trump Saving U.S. Economy
FEB 20
Negotiator-In-Chief: Trump Got Over $1 Billion Slashed Off Air Force One Price Tag - In Just ONE HOUR
Rasmussen Poll: 83% Say It’s Important to Buy American
Trump Administration Mulls Changes to Trade Deficit Calculations: WSJ
Household Debt Climbs to $12.58 Trillion, Just Shy of 2008 Peak – Increase Largely Due to Credit Card And Student Loan Debt
FEB 17
Small Businesses Beg Washington: End Partisan Gridlock
U.S. Trade Deficit by Country: Current Statistics and Issues
We're Going to Dillards! Trump Supporters Shut Down Nordstrom Accounts Over Store's Decision to Dump Ivanka Brand
Spring Sting: Farewell Cheap Gas, Prices on the Rise
FEB 15
Corporate Canada Takes Comfort After Trump Talks of ‘Outstanding Trade Relationship’
Dollar Extends Longest Winning Streak Since 2012 As March Rate Hike Odds Surge
Fed to Shrink $4.45 Trillion Balance Sheet When Bank Is Confident Economy Is Solid
Retail Sales in U.S. Climb More Than Forecast
Consumer Prices Post Largest Gain In Nearly 4 Years
Dow 22K Is Closer Than You Think—Here's Why: Jeremy Siegel
Canadian Stocks Heading North, and One Trader Sees Even More Gains
Canada's 'Housing Bubble Has Burst’: Economist Warns Market Imbalances Threaten Economy in Long Run
The Globalists Strike Back With Major Push Toward Cashless Society
Death of Cash Prophesied: Jim Rogers Predicts Total Government Control of Spending
These Are Dangerous Times
FEB 14
Trump Targets $181 Billion Worth Of Obama-Era Regulations and That’s Only the Beginning...
Taxpayer-Funded Study Asked if People Could Smell ‘Asparagus Pee’
First Mainstream UK Retailer Starts Selling Hijabs as Muslim Population Grows
FEB 13
Jim Rogers: "Get Prepared. We're About to Have the Worst Economic Problems of a Lifetime, a Lot of People Will Disappear"
Report: Sears, Kmart Remove Trump Line of Home Furnishings from Websites
FEB 10
Delta to Hire 25,000 Workers, CEO Meets with Trump
Kellogg’s to Shutter 39 Distribution Centers as Layoffs Loom
Trump Wrestling Control of Global Economy from the New World Order
Recession 2017? Things Are Happening That Usually Never Happen Unless A New Recession Is Beginning
Companies Ignoring Trump, Moving Jobs to Mexico
Feds Approve Pipeline Amid Calls for New Protests
Sen. Schumer Given “Porker of the Year” Award from Government Waste Watchdog
Intel Announces $7B Investment in Factory, Creating Thousands of Jobs
Germany Retrieves 300 Tons of Reserve Gold from US
Investors Are Snapping Up Gold. Here's Why
Nordstrom Stock Price Drops After Trump Rips Company for Dropping Ivanka Brand
Whole Foods to Close 9 Stores
Bank of America Tests Peopleless Banks
Time to Panic in Australia
Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line Has Disappeared From 4 More Retailers
You Can Now Buy and Sell WEED on the Toronto Stock Exchange
More Canadians Are Raiding Their Retirement Accounts Just to Make Ends Meet and Pay Off Debt
Boeing Could See Break of Nearly $60 Billion While Selling Planes to Terror State Iran
Thank You Obama: US Trade Deficit In 2016 Was Biggest in 4 Years
The New Face of American Unemployment
People Stop Trying to Save Money on Groceries When They Use Food Stamps
Black Rifle Coffee Company Vows to Hire Vets After Starbucks Refugee Pledge
‘Right-to-Work’ Movement Claims Victory in Missouri, Sets Sights on NH
Blame Californians for Jacking Up Texas Home Prices, Analysts Say
UK Food Manufacturers Warned About 'Having a Go' at Price Hikes
Report: Minimum Wage Hikes Will Lead to 1.8 Million Job Losses
The Stock Market Down Under Is Decoupling From the World
‘Buoyant’ Britain Hits Employment Boom in Major Brexit Boost
A Murderous Complacency – Dark Omens Are Circling Everywhere in Today's Markets
Great Again? Jobs January: +227,000; Unemployment 4.8%
Trump Moves to Undo Dodd-Frank Law
Is the Historic US Retailer on the Brink?
Philippine Mining Group Says Mine Closures, Suspension To Affect 1.2 Million People
US Jobless Claims Fall More Than Expected Last Week
Trump Rally Helps Boost 401(k) Balances to Record $92,500, Fidelity Says
Speaker Ryan Says Tax Reform Must Wait Until Spring
'It Looked Ugly': Firm Tied to Clintons Lands First Day on Open Market, Tanks Immediately
Gates to be World's First Trillionaire
Two Easy Fixes For Social Security's Biggest Mistake
Retail Rot Spreads to Australia's Big-Name Fashion Chains
US Added a Blistering 246K Private Sector Jobs in January, Most Since June
Dow Jumps 100 Points After Earnings, Data; Fed Decision Ahead
Trader Warns "Markets Are Sleepwalking into Disaster"
One of the Most Senior Women in Finance is Going to Work for George Soros
Apple Sells A Record Number of iPhones, Beating Expectations as Cash Hits a Quarter Trillion Dollars
The Other 'Ban' That Was Quietly Announced Last Week
Trump Accuses Germany of “Currency Exploitation”: Merkel vs. Trump, Is Either Side Telling the Truth?
4 Hurdles That Could Block Republicans’ Tax-Cut Ambitions
VW, Robert Bosch Agree to Pay $1.6B to Settle U.S. Diesel Claims
Ellen DeGeneres Bites Into Pet Industry
JAN 31
Trump Signs Executive Order Slashing Small Business Regulations
Serious About Trade Reform? End Subsidies to Foreign Competitors
Starbucks Says It Will Hire 10,000 Refugees in the Next 5 Years
Obama Oversaw the Weakest Growth In American's Personal Income on Record
Is President Trump About To Make Real Money (Gold & Silver) Great Again?
Deutsche Bank to Pay $425 Million Fine Over Russian Money-Laundering Scheme: New York Regulator
Another Greek WTF Showdown Moment Explained
JAN 30
Federal Reserve Bankers Mocked Unemployed Americans Behind Closed Doors
Trump Mulls Changing Official Unemployment Rate to Reflect Truer Picture
83% Say It’s Important to Buy American
Sexy Mr. Clean Gets Dirty in New Super Bowl Ad
50% Say There Are Too Many Government Regulations on Business
Australian Top Grocery Stores in Death Spiral – Struggling Supermarkets Rely on Beer, Babies and Smokes
JAN 27
Unions Continue to Hemorrhage Members
NOTE OF INTEREST: The U.S. gives Mexico $320 Million a year in foreign aid, plus we're in a trade deficit with them to the tune of $531 BILLION a year. As Trump pointed out, the Mexico gravy train's course must be altered.
Transcanada Applies for Keystone XL Pipeline Presidential Permit
Canada World's Newest Tax Haven
JAN 26
Bullish Strategist Warns: A ‘Nasty’ Market Drop ‘May Be Imminent’
Expect More Forgeries, Fakes in China Debt Market Amid Bond Rout
China's Shadow Banking Crusade Risks Bond Market Crash
Dutch Regulator 'Accidentally' Reports Soros' Short Positions, Sends Bank Stock Sliding
A $300 Billion Media Giant: Verizon Said to Be Exploring Charter Combination
JAN 25
Dow Breaks Above 20,000 as US Stocks Hit All-Time Highs
Japan Rebuffs Australia's PM Bid to Salvage TPP – HOLLY NOTE: This hasn't been widely reported, but Trump intends to pursue individual trade agreements with countries that are in the TPP. TPP severely disadvantaged the U.S. because every country had to operate at the financial level of the "lowest common denominator". So again, this was a really raw deal for the U.S.
JAN 24
US Pilots Ask Trump to Block Obama Admin Ruling They Say Would Kill Thousands of Jobs
Trump Tells US Automakers He'll Cut Taxes and Regulations, Says Environmentalism Is Out of Control
Trump to Sign Orders Reviving Pipeline Projects, Sources Say
Mexico Plans to Mirror US Import Taxes Promised by Trump
JAN 23
White House Announces TPP Withdrawal, Will Renegotiate NAFTA – 'Making Certain Any New Trade Deals Are in Interests of American Workers'
Heavy-hitting Ethics Lawyers to Sue Trump Over Continuing Business Interests
Price of Forever Stamps Now 49¢ as of Yesterday
China’s Central Bank ‘Playing Dangerous Game’ to Prop Up Yuan
JAN 20
ObamaCare Killed 300,000 Jobs; 10,200 Companies, $19 Billion in Wages
Cigarette Smuggling Surges As Taxes Near Prohibitive Levels
China Gets Piece of Paramount in $1 Billion, 3-Year Deal
JAN 19
Pentagon, Lockheed Near Deal on $9 Billion F-35 Contract
‘It’s Blindsided Everybody’: New U.S. Border Tax Could Shut Out Canadian Oil
China Says Can Resolve Trade Disputes With New U.S. Government
Venezuela's Hyperinflation Makes Millionaires Broke
JAN 18
Trump Adds/Saves More than 1.2 Million US Jobs and He’s Not Even President Yet
Davos Elites Call For a Ban on Physical Cash... in the US.
Wal-Mart Boards the Trump Train, Will Invest $6.8 Billion and Create 10K Jobs
JAN 17
Companies Scramble to Avoid the “Trump Tweet”
Rapid Passage of Tax Reduction
IMF: U.S. Economic Growth Expected to Rise Due to Trump Policies
Dollar Tumbles After Trump Calls Currency "Too Strong", Slams Border-Adjustment Tax
Hyundai to Boost Investment in the US to $3.1 Billion Over 5 Years
GM Plans to Invest at Least $1 Billion in U.S. Factories, Adding 1,000 Jobs
Social Security's Looming $11 Trillion Shortfall
JAN 16
'Reckless And Grossly Irresponsible': How Chuck Schumer Caused Bank Collapse Dems Now Blame on Trump's Treasury Nominee
JAN 13
Millennials Earn 20% Less Than Boomers Did At Same Stage Of Life
Lowe's to Cut Thousands of Jobs
Amazon to Create 100,000 Full-Time Jobs in the U.S. by 2018
Walmart Swings Axe Again – Slashes 1,000 Corporate Jobs
U.S. Quietly Drops Bombshell: Wall Street Banks Have $2 Trillion European Exposure
Australia Says TPP Not Dead, Despite Trump Opposition
China-backed Trade Deal May Not Gain From TPP's Loss. Blame India
Chavista Socialism Has Destroyed 570,000 Businesses in Venezuela
JAN 12
Investors Bolt Mexico as Peso Enters Free Fall
Loud and Clear: Businesses Heeding Donald Trump’s Message
Gold Tops $1,200 As Dollar Dumps Below Key Technical Level
Why New Jersey Is the Worst State for Taxes -- and Wyoming Is the Best
JAN 11
Trump Effect Take 9: Small-Biz Optimism Surges Most Since '80
Trump Effect, Take 8: China's Jack Ma Chats with Trump About Creating 1M U.S. Jobs – HOLLY NOTE: To date, these companies Trump has already had an effect on for job creation or agreeing to stay/move back to the U.S.: Carrier, Apple, Chrysler Fiat, SoftBank, Ford, Rexnord, Mondelez, Alibaba
Trump Effect, Take 7: Fiat Chrysler to Invest $1B, Move Ram Assembly to US, 2,000 New Jobs
Inside Sears' Death Spiral: How an Iconic American Brand Has Been Driven to the Edge of Bankruptcy
Musings of an Average Joe: Stop Wasting Our Money! Can The Businessman Do What Politicians Cannot?
Jobs Disappoint In Obama's Final Month, Rise Only 156K, But Average Hourly Earnings Jump
In Obama's Final Jobs report, a Record 95.1 Million People Were Not in the Labor Force
Sears to Sell Craftsman Tool Brand to Stanley Black & Decker
Stanley Black & Decker Announce Opening of New U.S. Plant After Trump White House Win
Planned Parenthood, Abortion Clinics Overbilled Taxpayers by Over $130 Million, Report Finds
Trade Minister Seko Says Japan Will Keep Contributing to U.S. Employment
Multi-Billion-Dollar Hedge Fund Bet Against Trump, Lost Almost a Quarter of the Assets of Its Principal Fund
Scuttled Ford Plant Has Mexico Fearing More Under Trump
The Elite's Dream of a Cash Ban is Now Closer Than Ever
Global Stocks Rise to 1.5 Year High After Chinese Intervention Halts Dollar Rally
"Incredibly Aggressive" China Crushes Yuan Bears: CNH Surges Most On Record As Deposit Rate Hits 80%
Another Bubble Bursts - Bitcoin China Crashes Over 30%
China’s Credit Engine Is Running Out of Gas
Masses Shocked By Philly Beverage Tax Impact
Trump Effect: Ford Cancels Mexico Plant; Expanding In Michigan
Surging Bitcoin Breaks Through $1,000 Barrier
Mexicans Outraged Over Big Hike in Gas Prices on Jan. 1
When City Retirement Pays Better Than The Job
Only Twice Has the Market Stayed Higher For Longer – and Both Times It Crashed