Control the oil and you can control entire Continents. Control food and you control people. — former Secy. of State Henry Kissinger, 1974

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MAR 24
Erratic US Weather Could Lead to Sparse Salad Plates – HOLLY NOTE: California – America's fruit and veggie basket – saw record rain in January and February, which has sparked shortages and price jumps for much of their produce. Grocers say they can’t guarantee a steady supply. Bad weather bringing scarcity and higher prices are two of the best reasons to have a garden.

Growing food bio-intensively as detailed in Garden Gold is the easiest way to garden and is especially good for people short on space and for those who don't want to spend hours weeding.

Our beds, as of last week, are ready to go since there's no rototilling required because our Super Soil recipe is naturally loose and plant roots never stand in water. The only thing we needed to do this spring was top up the Super Soil and make sure the drop irrigation worked.

It's been so warm here in southern Colorado that last Sunday we planted onion sets, which normally wouldn't be done for another 2 weeks. This weekend? Planting lettuces, especially romaine and spinach. Six onions that we missed harvesting last Fall already have 5" green tops aboveground.

We grow everything organically, which is a huge plus health-wise and organic produce in stores gets very expensive. We use seeds that are open-pollinated, non-hybrid and certified organic. Not a GMO in sight! Organic aside, having your own garden is a great way to maximize your food budget, spend quality time with kids and grandkids – (you'll be surprised at how involved they'll get) – and a terrific excuse to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D sunshine! Plus, it's fun and satisfying to see food grow right in your eyes and know you did it yourself!
10 Vegetables to Plant in Spring to Kickstart Your Garden
Late-Season Freeze Devastates South Carolina Peach and Blueberry Crops – Up to 90% Loss
80% of Georgia Blueberries Destroyed…
Georgia's Peaches, Strawberries Also Hit By Late Season Freeze
Fruit Losses in GA and SC Could Reach Hit $1 Billion – HOLLY NOTE: Expect higher prices in grocery stores
Central Virginia Peaches, Nectarines and Plums Damaged By March Freeze
Smallest Spring Wheat Crop in 45 Years and Dry Weather in the Winter Wheat Area Could Raise Wheat Prices
Drought Creeps into Key Grain Production Areas
Tennessee Farmers Still Recovering from Last Year's Drought
Extreme Weather in Spain Led to Veggie Rationing Across UK
Bird Flu Now Confirmed in 3 Southern States; Food Supply Not at Risk
2017’s Fattest Cities in America
MAR 22
Princess Anne on Collision Course with Charles Saying GM Crops 'Have Very Many Benefits'
MAR 21
The Global Famine Begins: UN Announces That the Worst Food Crisis Since World War II Is Happening Right Now
MAR 20
Report: Hundreds of Millions of Pacific Salmon Missing, Presumed Dead – Gov’t Issues Emergency Order Along US West Coast – Japan sUffering Historic Collapse, Fish Starving to Death – All Forms of Ocean Life Dying in Stunning Numbers across Pacific
Trump's EPA Grants Flint $100 Million to Fix Broken Water System
MAR 17
Venezuela Seizes Bakeries Amid Bread Shortage
10 Tons of Walmart Frozen Pizza Recalled
MAR 15
Major Poultry Breeder Aviagen Culls U.S. Flock Over Bird Flu Fears
MAR 13
3 Genetically Modified Potatoes Approved By U.S.
MAR 10
Whole Foods Recalls Raw Cheese Over Listeria Concerns
Why a German Lab is Growing Tomatoes in Urine
It’s Official: Astronauts Can Grow Potatoes in Martian Soil
Tyson Foods CEO: The Future of Food Might Be Meatless
8 Dead, 28 Injured in Stampede After Church Advertises Free Food at Prayer Meeting – HOLLY NOTE: This is why we encourage everyone to store at least 3-6 months of food, water and supplies to protect their families against what's coming. It's easier than you think! To help you, please use our FREE preparedness website and also download our FREE food planner.
Winter Rains Hammer California Farmers – video
Bird Flu Detected In Tennessee Chicken Facility
Peanut Butter Substitute Recalled After E. Coli Outbreak
Floating Farm of the Future to Produce 20 Tons of Vegetables a Day
FEB 24
New Breed of Super-Pig Resistant to a Killer Virus Could See GM Meat on Sale in UK in Less Than a Decade
FEB 23
Mexico Prepares Plan to Ditch U.S. Grain Imports as NAFTA Showdown Looms
FEB 21
Venezuelans Lose 19 Lbs in Year Due to Lack of Food
UN Declares Famine in South Sudan
Toxic Metal Concentrations May Be Higher in Gluten-Free Food
Pop-Tarts Made into Pizza, Tacos, and Even 'Fries'
FEB 20
'Extraordinarily High' Levels of Banned Chemicals Have Been Found in the Deepest Part of the Ocean
FEB 13
Sargento Issues Recall of Cheese Products Over Listeria Concerns
Would You Pay $100 for a Bottle of Water?
The Dirt on Prepper Gardening – Why We Prep
Worst Flooding in 14 Years Put NZ Crops Under Water
Ag Weather Expert Predicts Hot, Dry Summer Due to El Niño
Animals Destroying Crops, Farms in Himalayan State
Honey Begins Dripping Down Walls of Texas Home Infested with 50,000 Bees
First Drought, Now Armyworm - SA's Corn Crops Could Be Devastated
Crop-destroying Armyworm 'Major Threat' to World Farming
Two Centuries and Counting for Toronto's Last Farming Family
$18! NYC Now Sells the Most Expensive Cup of Coffee in the U.S.
Freak Spanish Weather Devastates Salad Crops Brings Vegetable Rationing to UK Supermarkets – HOLLY NOTE: In winter Spain supplies more than HALF of all Europe's veggies including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli and other vegetables. Good example of why to have your own garden, control your own food supplies.
World Food Prices Near 2-Year High in January
New, Aggressive Rust Imperils Wheat Crops in Europe, Africa, Asia
Storm-Damaged Irrigation Pivots Leave Georgia Farmers Without Key Farming Tool
Herd of 150 Tanzania Elephants Storm Villages Destroying Crops
Number of Kenyans Facing Starvation Rises by 1.4 Million
Over 110,000 Acres of UK's Oilseed Rape Crop Destroyed By Drought and Pests
Delta Aquifer Declining At Alarming Rate
Teen Discovers Cost-Effective Way to Make Sea-Water Drinkable
17 Million Face Hunger in Horn of Africa Due to Drought
JAN 30
FDA Confirms Elevated Levels of 'Toxic Substances' in Teething Products
Team Discovers Key to Restoring Great Tomato Flavor
Scientists Under Attack After Exposing Industry Secrets About GMOs
Corn Is Turning French Hamsters into 'Deranged Cannibals' That Eat Their Own Offspring
Sea Lice Outbreak Sends Salmon Prices Soaring
JAN 26
Flint Residents Leery of Data Showing Decreased Lead Levels in Water
Fred Meyer Recalls Bakery Fresh Goodness Carrot Cupcakes Due to Undeclared Allergens
Carriage House Creations Recalls Carriage House Bourbon Basting and Hot Barbecue Sauce Due to Undeclared Soy, Peanuts
JAN 20
Outraged Westerners Look to Trump After Obama’s EPA Refuses to Pay Claims From Gold King Mine Spill
JAN 19
Non-browning GMO Apple Slices Go on Sale Next Month
JAN 18
Navajo Nation Vows To Fight EPA for Toxic Mine Spill
JAN 11
California Wine Country Hit Hard By Storms