The next time some Aztlan fanatic tells you the U.S. stole the
American Southwest, please direct them here:

Illegal Alien Population by State
Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds
FBI Stats

20 Illegal Immigrant Facts

FEB 24
Border Apprehensions Are Not Decreasing Under Trump
Ted Cruz Breaks Major News on Illegal Border Crossings in Texas
Poll: Majority Want Fewer Refugees, Support Donald Trump’s Migration Cuts
'Angel Mom' Whose Daughter Was Stabbed to Death By an Illegal Alien Slams CT Gov. for Defying Immigration Law: 'It Will Hurt a Lot of People'
Family Argues Mexican National Killed by Border Patrol Had Constitutional Rights
FEB 23
Migrants Still Arriving at Texas Border in Record Numbers
Mexico Vows to Resist Trump Immigration Plans
Foreign Minister: Mexico 'Will Not Accept' Unilateral U.S. Immigration Proposals
Facebook Groups Warn Immigrants About ICE Raids, Checkpoints
Las Cruces Council Votes Against Trump's Border Wall Proposal
SLIDESHOW: The US-Mexico Border as It Stands Now – HOLLLY NOTE: Of these 19 photos, I could easily scale or walk through 50% for what passes as a border wall. For 15 years, way before MSM realized illegal immigration was an issue, I posted countless news items on this problem. For those who haven't viewed our sorry southern border firsthand, this will show you just how porous the "border" really is. In some places there is only what amounts to a "picket" fence. In others, there is chain link. To pass through requires a person to stick their toes into the links and you're over the "wall" in jig time. For tall "slatted" fences, if you read my commentary of Feb. 21, it contained video of people scaling these rails like monkey's shinnying up a tree to grab a banana. It took less than a minute – even the women. Yet other fences are just about 4 feet tall where you could literally put your hand on the top rail and jump over. Our "border wall" is a joke in many areas. No wonder we have all these illegals from Central America northward and mostly Mexico marching into America.

We realize for those in middle and northern states of America, and those who employ illegals to pick crops, do construction, aren't on board with deporting even criminal aliens. However, while Colorado isn't a border state, we've seen for over 30 years how they are negatively impacting the Country. In our county on many construction sites and other manual labor jobs and in the grocery stores and in building materials stores like Lowe's and Home Depot, isle directories are in English and Spanish. If you're a citizen, who doesn't know English? So yes, we need immigrants, LOVE legal immigrants, but not the others, especially the illegals who are sex traffickers, drug cartels members, criminals and murderers. Those have to go back to their own country. Politically correct or not, America isn't getting the best of these other countries. We're getting the poor, the uneducated. Fact. It drags our country down, which is 1 peg in the hole for Illuminists – to bring America down.
GAO: New Border Fences Stop Illegals, Boost Safety
Intense Debate Over Illegal Immigration Continues – video
O'Reilly: Sanctuary City Mayor, Police 'Have Blood on Their Hands'
Civil Rights Activist: Illegal Immigration Hurts Job Prospects for Black Men
Cartel Assassins Stalked Prosecutor Days Before Murder – graphic warning, if you don't want to see the picture, read the news in this section, not below where's it's illustrated.
Baylor Rejects Sanctuary Campus Pitch
Texas Sheriff Dupes Allies With Fake ‘Sanctuary’ Protection Policy
FEB 22
Kelly’s DHS Gets Serious About Immigration Enforcement
'Sanctuary City' Law Let Gang Member Walk Free from Rikers
Poll: 80% Oppose Sanctuary Cities
DHS Secretary Calls for Immediate Construction of Border Wall
Someone Slaps ‘Refugees Welcome’ Banner onto Statue of Liberty
DHS Removes Obama’s ‘Handcuffs’ on Border Patrol Agents
Q&A: What Do These New Immigration Rules Mean?
Dems Panic as They See Their Voter Base Erode:
Schumer: Trump's Immigration Rules a 'Mass Deportation Plan'
Pelosi Slams Trump's 'Cruel' Immigration Orders
Immigration Guidelines Spark Cable News Freakout – Bob Beckel on DHS Enforcement Memos: 'You’re Not Going to Get Your Bed Made at Your Hotel'
The Truth About the Crackdown on Illegal Immigration – video
FEB 21
DHS Secretary Orders Immigration Agent Hiring Surge, End Obama's 'Catch-and-Release'
…Orders Creation of VOICE – Office to Work with Victims of Criminal Illegal Aliens
ICE: 950,000 Illegals With 'Removal Orders' Free, Raids Get Just a Sliver
Gang-Affiliated "Dreamer's" Father Had Been Deported at Least 8 Times, Served Prison Time for Felony Drug Trafficking
Trump's Wall Could Save Taxpayers Money, Cut US Aid to Mexico
Cartel Radio Network Found Near Texas Border
DHS Authorizes Hiring 10K Immigration Officers
Phoenix Refuses Sanctuary City Status – HOLLY NOTE: Phoenix has been a sanctuary city for years. Likely they are reassessing this status with Trump's promise to withdraw federal funding to cities and jurisdictions that thumb their nose at the law and government. According to Pew Research, Phoenix rates 10th in the U.S. for having the most illegal aliens. Actually Phoenix is tied with Atlanta and San Bernardino, so it could really be rated 8th. It was just a toss of the dice who was listed first. A city wouldn't be home to a quarter million illegal immigrants unless there weren't the incentive of "protection" and tacit approval.
Related: Arizona Ranchers Want Border Wall, Worry About More Border Patrol Agents on Their Land – HOLLY NOTE: This type border wall is a joke. It needs to be solid concrete like Israel's. I just watched this video showing 2 drug smugglers climbing these slats with ease while loaded with packpacks full of dope. Never mind the fact that the wall is non-existent for the most part. Here is another video demonstrating how easily it is to scale.
Related: Watch Cartel Smugglers Scale Arizona Border Fence with Drugs – flashback
Thousands of (Illegal?) Sudanese “Immigrants” in Iowa Flood Credentialing Service to Get “Registered”
Day Without Immigrants: 'More Than 100 Workers' Fired Over Strike
Fmr. McDonald's USA CEO on Anti-Trump Rallies: You Don't Go to Work, You Get Fired
Elian Gonzalez Was a Dreamer Too
FEB 20
Trump's Revised Travel Ban Targets Same Nations, Exempts Green Card Holders
Jailed Illegal Immigrant Scheduled for Deportation Released from Custody Just Weeks Before He Commits Murder
Dozens of Workers Lose Their Jobs for Walking Out of Work to Participate in Day Without Immigrants Protest
Refugees Will Cost Taxpayers an Estimated $4.1 Billion in FY 2017
It Takes an Average of 9 Months to Hire a Border Patrol Agent
Trump White House DRAFT Memos Outline Tough Guidelines on Deportation
STUDY: Trump’s Border Wall Could Save $64 Billion Over 10 Years
Washington State Trooper in Trouble for Helping ICE Find Criminal Alien
Illegal Immigrant Family SHOCKED at Immigration Laws Being Enforced
More Fake News – This Time from the AP: National Guard Mobilized for Immigration Roundups
ICE Arrests Man Who Escaped Illinois Prison in 2003
140 Somali Refugees Settled in US after Court Suspends Ban – HOLLY NOTE: Understand these are Muslims who, by their own admission, don't want to assimilate as Americans. Verified here and here.
America's Enemies Within: How Nearly 70 Have Been Arrested in America Over ISIS Plots in the Last 18 Months
9 Killed in Border City Gun Battles in Hunt for Gulf Cartel Boss
FEB 17
Feds Say Border Fence Has Been Cut 9,200 Times Since 2010
Nearly 2 Million Non-Citizen Hispanics Illegally Registered to Vote
Illegal Immigrants Flood Consulates – HOLLY NOTE: One of most common, misleading features of liberal publications is that they leave out the descriptor "Illegal" when referencing people who either overstay visas or sneak across our borders. MSM tends to use soft terms like "undocumented immigrant," "unauthorized immigrant," "border crosser," or worse, just "immigrant" and "migrant", purposefully blurring and confusing the issue. It's more insidious than Obama refusing to use the phrase "radical Islamists" and "terrorists". How many times did he label atrocities perpetrated by Muslim extremists "workplace violence?"

Liberals accuse people who support legal immigration of racism, bigotry, hating and worse. Americans love and want to see immigrants come to America the right way. They and their contributions are valuable. But those who broke the law to come here and are now running to consulates worrying they're going to be deported have reason. When you have 2 million of them registered to vote, non-Americans are changing the fabric of our Country – in their favor. Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers about $113 billion a year at the federal, state and local level. This is untenable. Why are we standing for this? No other country in the world puts up with this. It doesn't make us better; it makes us stupid and vulnerable.

Think how Americans could use this money: infrastructure, hardening the grid from EMP, paring down national debt, fixing student loan debt, tax rebates, space exploration, education, financing social security and healthcare, rebuilding the military and national security. The list is endless. And last, outraged progressives that accuse Trump, ICE and the courts of tearing families apart when an illegal who has committed crimes is either jailed or deported, fail to consider that the rest of the family can go back with the deportee to their own country keeping their family intact. No one addresses this. Illegals put themselves in a vulnerable position when they broke the law in the first place and plenty of immigrants who came here lawfully are rightfully steamed at the others. Trump, finally, is taking on this costly, unfair burden on Americans.
Restaurants Register as Sanctuary Businesses
As Trump Gets Tough on Immigration, Some Officials Fight What They Say Are Erroneous 'Sanctuary' Designations
NY Times: Being a Sanctuary City ‘Not Enough’
DREAMer Arrested as ‘Self-Admitted Gang Member’, Says ICE
Trump's Border Wall Might Have Saved Man's Life
Trump Says He Wants to Deal with DACA Recipients 'with Heart'
President Trump Has Done More for Illegal Immigrant Children in 2 Weeks Than Obama Did in 2 Years, Claims Immigration Lawyer
Highway Horror: Mexican Cartel Kidnap, Murder Beer Delivery Men
Import Endless Third World Refugees: Your Country Becomes a Third World
FEB 16
Texas AG Paxton Files Brief Supporting Trump Executive Order
Panic Button: Refugee Arrivals to 'Dry Up' in March – Resettlement Agencies Scrambling to Cut Staff or Close Entire Offices
‘Dreamer’ Granted Amnesty Under Obama Detained in Seattle
Phoenix Turns Down Petition to Adopt Sanctuary City Status
Cartel Smugglers Catapult Drugs into Arizona
Border Patrol Agents Arrest Previously Deported Killer
Cartel Incinerates Rivals in Mexican Border State
Illegal Immigrant Takes Refuge In Denver Church To Avoid Deportation  HALL SHAME Vizguerra
Immigrants Plan to Walk Off Job to Protest – video
Businesses Across U.S. Close for 'Day Without Immigrants'
FEB 15
DUI Illegal Woman Kills Indiana Man – Took Awhile to ID Because She Didn't Have Her Driver's License
Judge Robart, What Are You Thinking?
Open Borders Advocates Continue Fake News Campaign Against ICE – Immigration Advocates Continue Fearmongering Messages Laced with Lies About the Routine Op
ACLU, Left Groups, Launch How-to for Illegals Facing Deportations – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe they can go in "halfsies" with the Mexican government that produced this:
ICE Arrests 51 in Austin During Two-Day Op
Suspected Drug Smuggler Dies in Shootout near Texas Border
Honduran Deportee Charged for Brutal Assault, Robbery
Court: Deport Illegal Immigrant Who Committed Voter Fraud
Terrorist's Sister-in-Law Pleads Guilty to Immigration Fraud
Baylor Students Petition School to Become 'Sanctuary Campus;' Say It's Not a Political Stance
Study: Chain Migration Drives Unsustainable Population Growth
FEB 14
Jorge Ramos: 'Deportation Czar' Trump 'Destroying American Families'
Trump: We Want 'a Big, Beautiful Open Door,' But Not for 'the Wrong People'
Related: Border Fence in Israel Cut Illegal Immigration By 99%, GOP Senator Says
More MSM Mess-ups: The Muslim Olympian 'Detained Because of President Trump's Travel Ban' Was Detained Under Obama
A Stunning Display of Dishonesty from the Left – HOLLY NOTE: This 4-minutes video reveals some amazing truths about how and why radical elements are trying to destroy this country. – video
50 Million Reasons to Support Trump’s Travel Ban – Immigration Expert Drops Bombshell About Violence in Islam
DHS Nabs 680 Illegals in First Major Trump Era Raids
Mexico's Foreign Minister Just Ruined the Media Narrative About Deportations Under Trump
Sanctuary City Debate Shrouds Decision on FBI’s New Headquarters
FEB 13
Trump’s Immigration Raids Begin, Felons, Child Molesters and Violent Criminals Deported en Masse
Report: 72 Convicted of Terrorism from 'Trump 7' Mostly Muslim Countries
OVERWHELMINGLY Europeans Want No Further Immigration from Primarily Muslim Countries
"Dear Leftist, You Need to Take a Closer Look at the Real 'Refugees' Before You Denounce 'Vetting'"
With Trump's Order in Limbo, States Take Action Against Sanctuary Cities
Sean Hannity Interviews Retired Marine Steven Gern After His Immigration Video Went Viral – video
Mexicans Vow to Fight Trump by Jamming Courts – HOLLY NOTE: If they try this, there's always deportation since Trump is walking campaign promises. This is more than illegal immigration; it's invasion.
Mexican Migrants Signal They Prefer Detention to Deportation
Washington Post Pushes Illegal Alien Sob Stories: Velasquez, like all open borders radicals, believes she has a God-given right to reside in a country that isn't hers. "I am entitled to be here, unapologetically so." – HOLLY NOTE: The article continues. "Velasquez is not entitled to be here in the slightest, and her claim would likely be taken as offensive to many of the immigrants in America who came into the country legally." It's not just WaPo, but all the networks that make up MSM are doing these stories.
Mexico’s Immigration Law: Let’s Try It Here at Home – flashback
Shocking Statistic: Mexico Deports More Illegals Than the U.S. Does
ICE Rounds Up 44 Criminal Aliens in Texas Capital
ICE Fights Back Against Fake News on Criminal Alien Arrests
Immigration Officer Injured in Texas Sanctuary City
Trump, Congress Urged to Impeach Judges Fighting Immigration Orders
California Asks for $100B Despite Refusal to Enforce Immigration Laws – HOLLY NOTE: This is really rich considering Trump is looking to defund cities refusing to abide by Federal law.
Trump Vows to Bring Border Wall Costs 'Way Down'
Mexican Foreign Minister Has Come to Accept That a Border Wall Is Coming
The New Mexican War
Mexican Designer Sends 'F*ck Your Wall' Underwear Down Catwalk – HOLLY NOTE: But then again, consider the source. Look at some of their other weird clothes. Normal people wouldn't be caught dead in them, let alone wear them in public.
US Border Security Nabs Somali Refugees Trying to Sneak into Canada
Former Gulf Cartel Boss Could Be Extradited to U.S.
FEB 11
ICE Arrests 160 in Sweeping California Enforcement, Possibly More Across 6 States
…Not Tied to Trump
Senate Letter Reveals Staggering Number of Murders By Illegal Aliens With Previous Criminal Convictions
Mexican Woman in Texas Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for Repeated Voter Fraud
5 Examples of Lies, Fraud, Corruption in U.S. Refugee Program
All Options on the Table for Immigration Executive Order Case
Report: Trump Considers New Immigration Order After Court Defeat
FEB 10
Mexico Warns CITIZENS After US Deportation of Undocumented Mother – HOLLY NOTE: Well that's rich! This woman was convicted of felony fraud in 2009 – identity theft – and Obama was too spineless to move her along back to Mexico. She didn't even do jail time – probation and a few hour community service! That''s it. This CNN article doesn't mention this criminal conviction detail, just leaves it hanging like she's deported for no reason. About that deportation… She was let go just a quick step over the border in Nogales.

In fact it's so close to the U.S. border, Nogales bleeds right over into Arizona. So de Rayos will hot-foot it back into America, illegally again, in jig time. Not only had she been convicted of felony identity theft, she had stolen and was using – STILL – a 55-year-old man's Resident Alien Card number. Identity theft is not a victimless crime as MSM portrays in this case. (Wait till it happens to them and they'll blow it up big-time.)

One of my best friends had that happen to her before it became a well-known crime. She had to hire a lawyer, spent tens of thousands of dollars to recover her good name, replace all of her credit cards plus her driver's license and other personal documents impacted including the deed to her home, and spent countless hours running all of it down. Plus, it impacted her stellar credit rating. Not a fun crime to rectify. So it's not victimless as MSM is shouting. A judge had appointed de Rayos to leave in 2013, which she ignored. PLUS, de Rayos says she has 'no remorse' for her actions.

Trump is walking his campaign talk, promising to deport criminal illegals first. Why should de Rayos be surprised and why should Americans be protesting? Next, Trump needs to rectify the anchor baby incentive for pregnant illegals to sneak into America just days before birth so they can claim U.S. citizenship for their newborns. This is beyond stupid. As Dr. Michael Savage says, 'no boarders, no country.'
ABANDONING 'SANCTUARY' PLEDGE: Several Cities and Counties Caving in Face of Trump's Funding Threats
State Dept. Sued After Hiding Refugee Travel Loan Info
Ninth Circuit Claims Unprecedented Power, Affirms Ban on Immigration EO
Defiant Trump Tweets "SEE YOU IN COURT" After Ruling Again Blocks Immigration Order
77% of Refugees Allowed into U.S. Since Travel Reprieve Hail from 7 Suspect Countries
Kelly to Border, First Move to Build Wall, Stop Drug, Sex Trafficking
Illegal Immigrant Sentenced after Stabbing Pregnant Wife
Pew: 6 in 10 Illegals Live in 20, Mostly 'Sanctuary Cities'
Appeals Court Keeps Doors Open, Rules Against Trump – Assad: Some Refugees Terrorists
Harvard Economist: 42% of Immigrant Households on Public Assistance
Sessions’ Confirmation: Era of ‘Mass Amnesty Policies’ Is Over, Says Pro-American Immigration Reform
US-Mexico Border Wall Price Tag Nearly Triples From Trump Estimate
Mexican President’s Photo Op with Deported Migrants Backfires – Says They'll Try to Get Back into U.S.
Senate Passes Bill to Punish Sanctuary Jurisdictions
Poll: Majority Supports Trump's Executive Orders on Sanctuary Cities, Refugees
Immigration Rulings Continue Democrats’ Strategy to Collect Votes
Illegal Alien Arrested for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting 2 Young Girls
Previously Deported Illegal Alien Arrested for Sexual Assault
Protests Erupt Outside Phoenix ICE Office After Arrest of Illegal Immigrant
Trump’s Border Wall to Be “Well Underway” within 2 Years, to Be Built in Stages
Donald Trump: ‘The Wall Is Getting Designed Right Now’
2 Tons of Weed Camouflaged as Limes
State Dept. Insider Exposes Refugee Program as 'Full of Fraud'
Sheriff Arpaio's Replacement Says His Agency Won't Lead Immigration Raids
America: Genome Study of Over 770,000 People Reveals Ancestral Origins of Each Region
New Poll Shows Most Americans Support President Trump’s Immigration Ban
Facebook Blocks Links to Stories About Immigration as “Abusive”
8 Million Illegal Aliens Qualify for Deportation Under Trump, Says Report '
Expert: Refugee ‘Chain Migration’ Puts Foreign Labor First
Somali Refugees Change Face of Southwest Mo. Town – Home to Tyson Foods '
Jailed Mexican Cartel Boss Could Expose Dirty California Cops
Southwest Border Is ‘Gaping Wound’ in Homeland Security, DHS Chief Says '
About That 84 Lumber Commercial Celebrating Illegal Aliens…
84 Getting Tons of Blow Back as Company Attempts Weak Walk Back – HOLLY NOTE: Newer's readers wrote to the CEO, "Lady, this is one of the worst attempts at walking back your efforts in a long time. No wonder your company is circling the drain." And "Sneaking over the border is massively illegal in almost every nation on earth. Portraying this serious crime as if it were some heroic journey is absolute nonsense." (Click Comments for plenty more)
US Border Patrol Recruits Wild Horses Tamed By Prisoners '
Senators Move to Cut Legal Immigration in Half
Iraqi and Egyptian Nationals Caught After Sneaking Across Open Border
Republicans Will Pay for Trump's Border Wall With 'Emergency' Funds
Roughly $6.6 Million in Cocaine Seized at Texas Border
Two Illegal Immigrants Caught with Nearly 100 Pounds of Weed
Failed Kidnapping Kills 3 in Mexican Border City
2 States, 97 Companies Fighting Travel Ban
Understanding the Legality of Trump’s Refugee Action
Justice Dept. Lawyers Say Trump Has Power to Block Foreign Visitors
Lawyer Says Trump Right to Chide Judge Over ‘Ridiculous’ Ruling
Refugees in U.S. Are Flocking to Canada
Uber Liberal 9th Circuit Court Declines to Quickly Reinstate Travel Ban
Trump Administration Files Appeal on Travel Ban
Key Los Zetas Commander Assassinated in Prison
Cartel Smugglers Becoming More Aggressive Against Border Agents
Texas Sheriff Vows to Help Trump Deport Criminal Aliens
Massachusetts College Will Award Full Scholarship to a Refugee in Response to Trump’s Executive Order
Fake News on Trump Hits Mexico, Explodes
Overblown: Trump Is Targeting Up to 8 Million People For Deportation
Visa Holders Rush to Board Flights to US Amid Reprieve
Who Are Those Refugees Australia Doesn't Want?
Illegals Urged to ‘Fight back’ Against Immigration Officials
Trump Warns Mexico About ‘Bad Hombres
Border Morale Surge: After Hitting an All-Time Low, Trump Helps Lift Spirits of Patrol Officers
El Paso Residents Highlight Positives of Living with a Border Wall
The ‘Sanctuary City’ on the Front Line of Fight Over Trump’s Immigration Policy
60 Minutes: Syrian Muslim Refugees Living Off American Taxpayers
Narco-Terrorism on the U.S-Mexico Border
Soros-Funded Catholics Mobilize Against Trump Immigration
White House Blasts ‘Horrible’ Obama-Era Refugee Deal With Australia – But May Honor It
Texas Imam: Trump’s Refugee Ban Promotes ‘Security for the Country’
Most Wanted Fugitive Who Was Deported to Mexico in 2004 Is Arrested in NJ 
The Immigration Conundrum
DHS Secretary Wants US-Mexico Border Wall Finished In 2 Years
US-Australia Refugee Deal: Trump in 'Worst Call' with Turnbull – HOLLY NOTE: According to this article, Australia has parked some 2,000 people in their off-shore processing center for 3 years, not even letting them set foot on their mainland. No one asks why Australia refuses to take them when they are right at Australia's door, nor what did the U.S. get out of the deal. Media always write about a "deal", but that implies that both sides get something. Since many of them are from countries within Trump's travel ban, you'd think PM Turmbull would take them. Instead, he refuses and looks for other countries to take them, which makes one wonder if Trump isn't right – just how bad are they.
Trump’s Immigration Order Is More Popular Than Trump, Hillary, and the News Media
Border Patrol Union: New Chief ‘Invaluable’ to Trump’s Border Plan
Mother of Man Killed by Illegal, Attacks Pelosi Over ‘Sanctuary Cities’
Mexican National Extradited to U.S. for Sex Trafficking Case
DHS Secretary and Texas Governor Tour Border
U.S. Media Ignore Mexican President Nieto’s Ties to Drug Cartels
Budweiser Wades into Immigration Debate with New Super Bowl Ad – video
Challenges to Trump's Immigration Orders Spread to More U.S. States
Showdown Coming Between Cities and States…
Mexican Official Threatens U.S. with 'Chaos'; Will Southern Neighbor Stop Cooperating Over Drug Cartels? – HOLLY NOTE: This is a better than ever reason to get that wall built. Nieto, all Mexican officials, their army and citizens ALL know that a lot of their $$ is derived from shoveling their drug garbage into the U.S. We build a wall, then it's going to get more difficult for both people and drug trafficking. That said, if people here didn't give them the incentive… Mexico is supposed to be our friend? You don't see Canada shoveling their poor and their drugs through our northern border.
Illegal Immigrants Dump Tons of Waste in the Wilderness Every Day—and It's Devastating The Environment – HOLLY NOTE: Odd that you don't hear Liberals addressing this inconvenient truth.
Immigration Expert: Illegal Immigrants Can Pay for Wall
Trump Names Ronald Vitiello to Head Border Patrol
Feds Bust Mexican Murder Suspect Wanted in Sanctuary City
Border Fence Must Be Set Back From Rio Grande, Leaving Some Texans on Wrong Side
Move Over Maine and Vermont! California Becomes the Next Sanctuary State
Trump Administration to Allow 872 Refugees into U.S. This Week: Document
Leaked EO Reveals Trump Crackdown on Immigrant Welfare
Despite American Majority in Favor of Trump Immigration Policy, 900 State Department Staff Dissent
JAN 31
Trump Fires Obama's Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, Deemed Weak on Borders, Immigration
Interpol Now Hunting for Fugitive Mexican Governor
Mexican Army Officers Caught Smuggling for Cartel
Cincinnati Mayor: We Are Now a Sanctuary City
Democrats: This SCOTUS Seat is 'Stolen' and We'll Filibuster Anyone Trump Picks
De Blasio: Drunk Driving By Illegal Alien Could Be 'a Very Minor Offense'
Washington State Suing Trump for His 'Illegal Action'
Turning Trump’s Wall Rhetoric into Reality
Poll Shows Only 33% Oppose Trump's Temporary Ban – All Weekend Headlines Portrayed a Fake Reality
Why America Needs to Stop Injecting Refugees into Itself
Why We Need Transparency on Illegal Immigrant Crime: Public Kept in the Dark About Legal Status of Serial Florida Rapist Who Eluded Capture for Years
JAN 30
7 Inconvenient Facts About Trump’s Refugee Actions
Do Refugees Have the Same Rights as US Citizens? – video
DHS Will Continue to Enforce Trump's Temporary Travel Ban
Green Card Holders NOT Affected
Trump’s Executive Orders Dramatically Expand Power of Immigration Officers
Border Patrol, ICE Agents Cheer Trump Actions
Spicer: Countries in EO Were Flagged By Obama
Trump's Immigration Crackdown Is Clear Message to Muslim World - Get Your Own Houses in Order Before You Come to Ours
DHS: "No Foreign National in a Foreign Land, Without Ties to the United States, Has Any Unfettered Right to Demand Entry into the United States"
Judge Michael Mukasey on Order Preventing Deportation of Detainees: "Aliens Have No Rights Under the Constitution… the U.S. Constitution Is Not a Treaty with the World" – video
Soros-Funded Groups Behind Effort to Stop Trump’s Border Plan
Donald Trump and Australia's Malcolm Turnbull Speak on Phone, Trump Agrees to Keep in Place Obama's Deal to Accept Australia's 1,000 Muslim Refugees
Netanyahu Backs Trump's Mexico Wall, Touts Similar One on Egypt Border as 'Great Idea'
JAN 28
Trump Takes Action to Rebuild Military, Start ‘Extreme Vetting’ at Border
JAN 27
Trump Targets Sanctuary Cities with Transparency – EO Requires Rogue Localities to Publish Illegal Immigrant Crime Data
Ann Coulter's Scorcher Math: Cost of the Wall ‘Roughly Equal’ to Cost of Therapy, Hospital Bills for Girls Raped By Illegal Immigrants 
Pope Says ‘Every Country Has the Right to Control its Borders’
Mexican Prez Speaks: ‘We Won’t Pay for a Wall’, Will Protect Migrants in U.S. – HOLLY NOTE: Nieto says, “Mexico does not believe in walls.” He should amend that statement to reflect the truth. He objects to a wall on his northern border so he can funnel the poorest and least educated into America. "The Mexican government was defensive when caught printing and handing out a 32-page comic book style pamphlet, Guia Del Migrante Mexicano (Guide for the Mexican Migrant), that gives pointers on navigating deserts and swimming rivers safely as well as what to pack, how to deal with Border Patrol agents and tips on how to hide once in the U.S." —
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed, p. 259. So, a border wall on Mexico's north would be more than a little inconvenient even though the wall on its southern border to Guatemala is muy bien (just fine).
Trump Wants 20% Import Tax to Pay for Mexico Wall
Steve Moore Explains How to Make Mexico Pay for the Wall
GOP Plans to Avoid Pitfalls That Slowed Border Wall in the Past
Texas Gov. Abbott Threatens to Oust Officials Who Promote Sanctuary Cities
Border Patrol Chief Asked to Resign Day After Trump Signed Immigration Orders
1,960 Refugees Enter U.S. on Trump’s Watch
Resettling Refugees is Big Business – video
JAN 26
Mexico's Nieto Cancels White House Meeting Over Wall
5 Illegal Aliens Arrested After Shooting Woman 13 Times, Say Police
Sanctuary Cities Surround Area Where Illegal Aliens Allegedly Killed Woman
Trump’s Right-Hand Man Defends Move Stripping Federal Tax Dollars from Sanctuary Cities
‘Sanctuary Cities’ Vow to Resist Trump Order Despite Funding Threat
Abandoned Walmart Opens as Shelter for Illegals – Residents Furious
Border Patrol Union: Trump’s Border Plan ‘Gives Us the Tools We Need’
Mexico Opposition Leader Urges U.N. Lawsuit Over Trump Wall
Bill Denying U.S. Aid to Nations that Won’t Repatriate Alien Criminals Could Have Saved Woman
CAIR Slams Trump Immigration Orders as 'Racist'
The Perfect Storm Descending Upon America: Your Actions
JAN 25
'WE WILL BUILD THE WALL': Trump Expected to Sign Order Making Good on Key Campaign Promise
Trump Expected to Sign EOs on Immigration – May Nix Taking in Australia's 1,000 Muslims
Trump's Failure to Kill Obama Order Has Immigration Hawks Nervous
Illegal Immigrant Bites Ear Off of Roommate in Drunken Anti-Trump Rage Attack
Trump Administration Holds Off on Deporting DREAMers – video
NM Bill Would Halt Enforcement of Immigration Laws
JAN 24
Trump Tells Congressional Leaders 3-5 Million 'Illegals' Cost Him Popular Vote
UC Berkeley Poll: 74% of Californians Want to End Sanctuary Cities
Border Angels Director: Trump Immigration Xenophobic, Racist – HOLLY NOTE: Enrique Morones, founder of Border Angels, makes so many wrong statements in this short interview, he loses all credibility. For example, it's not our poorly built (in some places non-existent) Southern wall that causes unauthorized immigrant deaths, it's them crossing into the U.S. illegally through the desert. Second, Mexico does have a wall between them and Guatemala. Third, because the U.S. is involved in conflicts around the world is no justification for illegals to stampede across our border. The two have nothing to do with each other. Fourth, it's not racist to want to maintain a country's borders. 65 other nations have border walls to keep illegals out. He got many statistics wrong and if you have the stomach to listen to the rest of this interview, you'll hear plenty more misinformation. What can one expect from a person who says he love America, but loves Mexico more and if so, why doesn't he move there? – video
The Hurdles to Building a Border Wall
Related: 65 Countries Have Erected Fences on Their Borders as Governments Try to Hold Back the Tide of Migrants
The Hurdles to Building a Border Wall
White Ethnic Cleansing Demanded at Trump Protest in Chicano Park / La Raza – HOLLY NOTE: Evidently these people and the whole La Raza movement forget that the U.S. purchased this land in 1848. – video
Mexican Cartel Stockpiling Grenade Launchers at Texas Border
Mexican Authorities Struggle to ID 32 from Cartel’s Mass Grave
Sanctuary Cities Slap Every Lawful American in the Face
The Perfect Storm Descending Upon America: Environmental Impact – Pt. 3
JAN 23
Mexico Deports 91 Cubans After U.S. Ends 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot'
JAN 20
Mexican Cartel Kingpin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Extradited to U.S. – HOLLY NOTE: Under Trump's admin., relationships are already improving with Mexico.
2016 Was Bloodiest-Ever in Tijuana's History, With 910 Homicides – Too close for comfort; Tijuana borders California
Man Who Allegedly Stole $1.6M in Gold Flakes in NYC Arrested in Ecuador; Was Reportedly Deported 4 Times
Congress Mulls Bill to Strip ALL Funds from Sanctuary Cities
Open Borders Lobby Blasts Sheriff’s Deportation Deal
JAN 19
Last Call Before Trump's Wall! Illegals Stampede to Get In
Will Trump Restore 'Wet Foot-Dry Foot' for Cubans?
Illegal Immigrant Shot Arizona Cop
Five Shot in Mexican Border State High School
JAN 18
Obama Extends Somali ‘Protected Status’ Before Exit
Report: Terrorists, Cartels Plan Border Attack For Inauguration
‘They Come Every Day’: Border Town Residents Face Daily Threat From Trafficking
Driver Who Shot at Arizona Officer Was in US Illegally, Investigators Say
San Francisco Sued By Car-Theft Victim for Violating Its Sanctuary City Ordinance
Law Would Cut Off Aid to Countries That Refuse to Take Back Their Illegal Immigrant Criminals
Paul Ryan Condemns Sanctuary Cities – video
JAN 17
African Migrants Surge to U.S. Via Mexico Ahead of Trump
Living In Fear: Smugglers Upend Daily Life For Border Town Residents
Terror and the Mexico Border: How Big a Threat?
GQ Mag: ‘There’s No Such Thing As an Illegal Immigrant’
JAN 16
Sanctuary City Migrants Protest Trump Nationwide
Report: Refusal by Mass. Police to Honor Immigration Detainers Increasing
Mexico's Unfilled Border Tunnels A Security Risk, US Officials Say
Border Town Dems Brace For Fight Over Trump’s ‘Wall’
The Perfect Storm Descending Upon America: Sociological Impact
Cartel Smugglers Hid Drugs Inside Concrete Blocks at Stash Houses
Recipient Nations of Birthrate Overload: America, Canada, Europe, Australia
JAN 13
Illegals Flocking to 'Sanctuary City' Chicago Before Trump Inauguration
Cartels, Smugglers Exploit Border Wall Fears Ahead of Trump Presidency
Two Cartel Gunmen Killed in Battle near Texas Border
Deportations Hit 10-Year Low as Obama Prepares Exit 
Texas to Feds: Reimburse Us for $2.8B in Border Security Expenses
Obama Ends 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot' Policy for Cubans, Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program – HOLLY NOTE: In another piece of irony, Obama slams the door on this long-standing policy of allowing Cubans into our Country if they could just get here. This was lawful and legal, and Americans were find with this. However, illegal aliens, (stress illegal) Obama ignores the law to keep them out and has an open-door, porous border, catch-and-release, Border Agent hamstringing policy. Maybe Trump will fix this, too, for Cubans.
Third Deadliest Birthrate Affecting All of Humanity: China
JAN 12
DHS Is Failing to Facilitate Aerial Border Surveillance, Says Texas Governor
The Wall: 'I Don't Want to Wait, Get It Started,' Trump Says
Mexican Nationals Returning Home and Staying There Ahead of Trump
Illegal Immigrant Suspected Of Sexually Assaulting 5-year-old in California
Illegal Alien Gets 12 Years for Hit-and-Run Crash Killing Pastor, Wife
California Lt. Gov: We'll Stop Trump's Wall with Environmental Suits
Second Deadliest Birthrate Affecting All of Humanity: India
JAN 11
Family of Woman Killed By Illegal Immigrant Who Was Deported 5x Can't Sue San Francisco Because It's a Sanctuary City
Immigration Official Okays Syrian Immigrants With Fake Passports
Homeland Security Nominee John Kelly Promises To Speed Up Deportations
‘Plata o Plomo’: Leaked Photos Reveal Cash Left at Mexican Border Cop’s Murder Scene
NM Hunting Guide, Client Wounded on Mexico Border
2016 Immigration Enforcement Nearly Nonexistent – 'Non-priority' Illegal Aliens Had Minuscule Chance of Being Deported
USA Today: Trump Has ‘Broad Powers’ To Prosecute Sanctuary Cities
79 Immigration Actions Trump Can Take on Immigration
Deadliest Birthrate Affecting All of Humanity: Africa
JAN 10
The Perfect Storm Descending Upon America: Immigration
4 Suspects in Gang-Related Murder Case Are Illegals
Will 'Kate's Law' Bill Fighting Illegal Immigration Finally Pass?
Feds Admit to Putting Migrants on Planes for US Destinations
Mexicans, Not Mexico, Might Pay for Trump's Wall
Border Bridges Closed Amid Mexican Gas Price Riots
Mexican TV Truck Purportedly Runs Over Child in Gas Price Riots – video
Missing Texas Girl Found in Louisiana With 3 Illegals
WaPo Offers Grieving Space to Open Border Lobby Ahead of Sessions’ Confirmation
Immigration Policy Integral to Intelligence and National Security
Tancredo: Mandatory E-Verify Should Be Trump's Top Immigration Priority
Mexican Agents Catch Man Who Shot US Consular Official
Trump May Pursue Border Wall Without New Bill
Plea: Mexican Woman Bribed US Border Inspector With Cash And Sex For Allowing People In
Federal Proposal Would Strip Funds from Sanctuary Campuses
Feds Seize Nearly $7M in Meth at Texas Border
Massachusetts Sheriff Offers His Inmates to Trump to Build Border Wall
Israel's Border 'Wall' The Model for Trump, Senate
Boulder Becomes Sanctuary City to ‘Defy Trump’– HOLLY NOTE: This isn't new as Boulder is named in
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed as a sanctuary county. Maybe them announcing their position is new, but they've been a practicing sanctuary jurisdiction for quite some time.
Former Border County Judge Arrested on Corruption, Theft Charges
New Maricopa County Sheriff Will Call Illegal Aliens 'Guests'
Open Borders Group Offers ‘Know Your Rights’ Campaign for Illegals
Texas Defends Law Criminalizing Migrant Sheltering in Court
Rep. Gohmert: Speaker Ryan Promised Hastert Rule, No Amnesty, No Trade Deals
220 Illegal Kids PER DAY Unleashed in November
Report: Trump Already Looking Into Revamping Aerial Surveillance Program at Border
Trump Team Seeks Agency Records On Border Barriers, Surveillance
Feds Continue to Drop Migrants at Texas Bus Stops
US Grapples With Massive Surge Illegal Immigration – video
Proposal Would Cut Federal Funds to ‘Sanctuary Campuses’
Sanctuary Cities Free More Than 2,000 Illegals Rather Than Cooperate With Feds
Chicago Paper: Make All Universities ‘Sanctuary Campuses’
Cartel Gunmen Fire at Border Patrol Agent in Arizona
2016: Remains of 61 Dead Migrants Recovered in One Texas County