Why the U.S. must back Israel: I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

God Bless Israel.
And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed. —Genesis 12:3

MAR 28
Hamas Leader Khaled Mashaal Accuses Israel of Killing Top Terrorist Mazen Faqha, Vows to Defeat Them
Settler Population Leaped By 80,000 Since 2012, Leader Says
Security Increased Around Attorney General
Netanyahu Welcomes U.S. Ambassador ‘to Jerusalem’
MAR 20
Jerusalem to Host Israel’s Main Gay Pride Parade
'Hezbollah Is Preparing for War'
Israel Said to Strike Syria for Second Time in 24 Hours, Amid Threats from Damascus
MAR 17
Syrian Army Claims It Shot Down Israeli Jet After Raid Near Palmyra
In 2nd Meeting, Netanyahu and Trump Envoy Fail to Reach Agreement on Settlements
Sirens, Explosions Heard in Jordan Valley as Army Searches for Rockets
State Department: Israel Aid Won't Be Reduced
Israel to Give Its Highest Honor to Settler Leader
Israel Blacklists Palestinian Fund as US Envoy Visits
MAR 16
Iran Vows to 'Liberate' Golan Heights
Dome of the Rock Inspired by Jewish Temple'
Jerusalem: Church of the Holy Sepulchre Being Restored
MAR 10
Hezbollah Missiles Aimed at Israel’s Nuclear Reactor
At the Lebanese Border, Israel Prepares for War with Hezbollah – video
Bill Banning Boycotters from Israel Becomes Law
There Are More anti-Semites in the US Than Jews in the World
4,000-Year-Old Structure With Mysterious Engravings Discovered in Galilee
‘Israel Apartheid Week’ Began Yesterday in France
FEB 27
ISIS Terrorist Discovered Plotting Chemical Attacks in Israel
FEB 21
Rockets Fired Into Southern Israel from Egypt's Sinai
Bennett: Palestinian State Would Lead To Refugee Crisis for Israel
'Trump Is the Best Friend of the Jewish Nation'
FEB 20
Israel Warns Hezbollah of 'Colossal Retaliation' If Attacked
Right-wingers: ‘We Don’t Need US Permission to Build in Settlements’
FEB 17
PA: We're Committed to the 'Two-State Solution'
While Refusing to Endorse Two-State Solution, Netanyahu Says Israel Won’t Annex West Bank
Trump & Netanyahu Agree: Israel-Gulf Peace First
Netanyahu to Trump: Recognize Golan Heights as Part of Israel
Trump Rolls Back US Obligation to Two States, But Vows to Pursue a ‘Great Peace Deal’
Australia Hints at Openness to Two-State Solution Alternatives
Netanyahu’s ‘Betrayal,’ Trump’s ‘One State, Two State’ Rile Israeli Press – HOLLY NOTE: Looks like U.S. and Israeli press both have their panties in a bunch, each for their own reasons.
Iran Continues to Call for Israel’s Destruction Despite Nuclear Deal
FEB 15
Syrian Shell Lands in Golan Heights
Trump to Meet with Benjamin Netanyahu at White House
Where Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu Stand On Key Issues
WH: Trump Will Not Insist on Two-State Solution to Mideast Conflict
Trump Has Fans in Israel - Prof. Efraim Inbar
FEB 14
Merkel Cancels Summit With Israel After Controversial Settlement Vote
‘My Love for You Burns Like 6,000 Jews’ Valentine’s Day Cards Sparks Outrage
Netanyahu: President Trump and I See 'Eye-to-Eye'
FEB 13
IsraeL Permanently Downgrades Its Ties to New Zealand, Senegal
In Historic First, Israel Legalizes West Bank Outposts With Sweeping New Legislation
Theresa May to Netanyahu: Britain Is Committed to a 2-State Solution
Iran: 'Only 7 Minutes Needed for the Iranian Missile to Hit Tel Aviv'
US Ambassador Nikki Hailey: Israel Will 'Never Again' Question Us Support
Rare Red Heifer Eligible for Third Temple Offering Found
Smoke & Ministers: Israel Moves to Allow Medical Marijuana Exports
Bomb Threats Target US Jewish Centers for 3rd Time in a Month
Netanyahu Announces First New Jewish Settlement in Over 25 Years
Netanyahu Asks Rabbis to Pray for Trump
Where 500 Children ‘Disappeared’ From Nazi Clutches, a New Dutch Shoah Museum Emerges
The Attitude of the Nations of the World to the Jewish People
Hamas Military Capabilities Said Restored to Pre-2014 War Strength
Amona Synagogue Cleared; Dozens of Cops, Protesters Hurt When Evacuation Turns Violent
Police Begin Amona Eviction Amid Clashes With Protesters
Bennett: Amona Evacuation Will Lead to West Bank Annexation
Canadian School Bans Israelis Because of 'Settlements'
JAN 31
Israeli Home Front Preparing for Thousands of Rockets
Half-Shekel Tithe for Building Temple Reinstated by Sanhedrin After 2,000 Years
JAN 30
Democratic Leader Shuts Down Phones After Pro-Israel Supporters Go on Offense
Israeli Group Wants to Annex Judea and Samaria
Hamas Rewriting Charter Without Anti-Semitism, Claims Official… But Still Rejects Israel
German Muslim sTudents Protest Holocaust Remembrance, Attack Israel
JAN 25
Israel Approves Construction of New Settlement Units, Ignoring UN Resolution
Third Temple Grows Closer as Sanhedrin Discovers Rare Holy Wine in the Land
Palestinian Official: Two-State Solution Just Pretext for Taking Over Israel
JAN 23
Trump: I Haven't Forgotten My Promise About Jerusalem
New US Ambassador to Live in Jerusalem, Palestinians Furious
U.S. in 'Beginning Stages' of Talks to Move Embassy Jerusalem
Trump, Netanyahu Discuss Iran and Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
JAN 20
Jerusalem Mayor Blasts Obama, Welcomes Trump
Following Paris Peace Summit, Largely Forgotten 2013 French Court Ruling That Israeli Settlements Are Legal Receives Renewed Attention
JAN 19
In-Depth Exploration of the City of David in Jerusalem – video
Is It Time to Reestablish the Davidic Kingdom in Israel?
Obama Appoints Ben Rhodes, Iran Deal Messenger, to Holocaust Memorial Council
JAN 17
Paris Summit Turns Out 'Flat as a Failed Souffle,' Israel Says
UK Refuses to Sign Paris Declaration, Warns Summit May Harden Palestinian Positions
Shock Israeli Poll Finds Only 4% Want a Left-of-Center Prime Minister
1 Bold Move By Trump to Reverse Obama 'Formula for Disaster' on Israel
Wall Dating Back to King David Era Excavated at Timna Mines
JAN 16
Trump to Tap Jared Kushner to Broker Peace Deal Between Israelis and the Palestinians
Abbas Meets Pope, Warns About Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem; Opens New PA Embassy at Vatican
JAN 13
Syria Blames Israel, Threatens ‘Repercussions’ Over Airbase Strike
Poll: 74% Republicans, 33% Democrats Back Israel Over Palestinians
King Solomon-Era Fort In Southern Israel Reveals Its Secrets
Mattis Sticks with US Policy: The Capital of Israel is Tel Aviv
JAN 12
70 Nations to Meet in Paris Will Publicly Commit to Dividing the Land of Israel
French Ambassadors Declare War on Israel
JAN 10
Another 5,000 Jews Leave France for Israel
A Big, Untold Story: Jews Explain Why They Believe Jesus Is the Messiah – Videos Viewed More Than 23M Times. Here’s the Latest. (Update)
Israeli Authorities Arrest 9 Terrorists Following Palestinian Truck Attack That Killed 4 IDF Soldiers and Injured Another 17
Hezbollah Now Israel's Biggest Threat To Israel
Israel Treats 2,000 Syrian Refugees
US House Passes Motion Repudiating UN Resolution on Israel by a Vote of 342-80
Jordan: Moving American Embassy To Jerusalem Is a 'Red Line'
'Dividing Jerusalem Is Like Asking Solomon to Cut the Baby In Half'
Israel's Law Enforcement Gearing Up to Welcome Messiah
US Senators Introduce Bill to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital, Move Embassy
Abbas Warns Against Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
John Kerry’s True Intentions for Jerusalem
Marco Rubio Accuses Obama Administration of ‘Denying Israel’s Right to Exist’
Muslim Student Activists Call for “a New Hitler” to “Wipe Out the Jews”
10 Times God Has Hit America with a Major Disaster After the US Attempted to Divide the Land of Israel
Abbas: 2017 Will Be the Year of Palestinian Statehood