Risk of Homegrown Islamist Extremism Rising
ISIS-linked Cyber Group Releases ’Kill List’ of 8,786 US Targets For Lone Wolf Attacks
Major Terror Attack Is Coming, and the U.S. Is Next: “Mock IED Onboard Chicago-Bound Flight”
U.S. Officials Can’t Confirm Obama-Era Counter-Terror Efforts Ever Succeeded
Trump Predicts ‘Shorter Fight’ Against Islamic State with Jordan’s King Abdullah
Las Vegas Man Indicted on Terrorism, WMD Charges in Custody
Michigan Man Gets 5 Years in Prison After Talk of Attacks
Prof. at Rollins College Involved in Suspending Christian Student Has Ties to Islamic Extremists
CAIR Orders U.S. Air Force to Ditch “Anti-Muslim” Counterterrorism Instructor
Trudeau Says Canadian ISIS Supporters Have the Right to Defend Their Freedom
St. Petersburg Metro Bomber, Identified as 22-Year-Old Dzhalilov, Planted Another Bomb
How to Get 1 Million More Terrorists into the Palestinian Authority
Teen Pleads Guilty in ISIS Plot to Kill Pope
With ISIS in Crosshair, Al Qaeda Makes Comeback
Trudeau Airport Secure Despite Concerns About Radicalized Workers, Officials Say
Finland Sounds the Alarm Over 'Lone Wolf' Islamists, Returning Jihadis
London Attack Spotlights ISIS Use of Vehicle Ramming
MAR 27
UK Police Hunting Mystery Man Who Bought Out a Hardware Store of Explosive Gas Canisters 48 Hours Before Westminster Terror Attack
MAR 24
Al Qaeda Quietly Gaining Territory in Syria Amid ISIS Fight
K.T. McFarland: ISIS Attacks Growing, We Can't Look Away – video
MAR 23
New Attack: Terror Suspect 'Drives Car Full of Liquid Gas, Knives and Rifles at High Speed' into Antwerp Shopping Crowds
…ID'ed as a 39-year-old French National of North African Origin, Living in France
ISIS CLAIMS CREDIT – Terror Army’s Official Site: 'Soldier’ Behind London Parliament Attack
London Attacker ID'ed as British-born Father-of-3 English Teacher, Khalid Masood, 52 – Had Long Criminal Record and Once Probed By MI5 Over Violent Extremism
PRE-DAWN RAIDS: Police Arrest 8 in London Terror Attack Investigation
London Attacker Was UK-Born, Previously Investigated By UK Spies Over "Violent Extremism", May Says
The Vehicle as Terror Weapon
Woman Who Attends UN Meetings Risks Life to Expose What Obama’s Muslim ‘Sleeper Cells’ Are Planning for US Neighborhoods
Dr. Gorka: London Attack Should Be a Surprise to Nobody – video
Canada, France Could Soon Follow Suit with US-style Laptop Ban
Flight Ban on Laptops Sparked By ISIS Threat
MAR 22
'BLOOD FOR BLOOD': Parliament Terror Attack Celebrated By ISIS as Revenge for Airstrikes in Mosul
At Least 5 Dead, 40 Injured, Some Suffer 'Catastrophic' Injuries in UK Terrorist Attack
Police Officer Stabbed, People Mowed Down Near U.K. Parliament
Suspect Pictured…
Eyewitness Accounts
Westminster in Lockdown, Parliament Suspended…
Large Images of the Scene Here
President Trump Briefed… Offers to Assist in Any Way
London Mayor Sadiq Khan Issues Statement…
UK Laptop Ban 'in Force By Saturday'
Now Canada Is Considering an Inflight Laptop Ban
U.S. Raid on Al Qaeda in Yemen Led to Laptop Ban on Flights, Officials Say
ISIS-Indoctrinated Toddlers – pics
Trump Administration Hosting First Anti-ISIS Coalition Meeting
Germany First-in-History: Two German-born Terror Suspects to Be Deported
MAR 21
51 Jihad Terror-Linked Groups Operating in Muslim Neighborhood of Brussels
UK and European ISPs Now Blocking Jihad Watch — How You Can Combat Online Censorship
Electronics Ban on Flights to US Is Indefinite, Applies to 8 Muslim-Majority Nations
U.K. May Join U.S. Airline Electronics Ban
Airline Electronics Ban: What You Need to Know
MAR 17
Australian Teacher Quits After Islamic Students Threaten to Behead Her

MAR 15
Jihadis Using Religious Visa to Enter U.S., Experts Warn
Iranian Official Boasts of “Guerrilla Movement” in US from Iran and “All Islamic Countries”
Mattis Withdraws Pentagon Pick Seen as Muslim Brotherhood Supporter
Trump Was Right – Another Gitmo Prisoner Returns to Life of Terrorism
MAR 13
Report: Iranian Sleeper Cells Operating in U.S. – Trump Urged to Act After Years of Obama Putting 'Politics Over National Security'
Sweden Realizes It's Been Financially Supporting Hundreds of Terrorists for Years
Arrests Made Following Terror Threat on German Shopping Center
German Minister Says Threatened Attack on Mall Linked to ISIS
MAR 10
The ISIS Endgame: Column: Beware Mission Creep in Syria
'They Think They Can Get an AK and Get Forgiven By God at the Same Time': Channel 4's Extremely British Muslims Reveals How Young Asian Men Want to Join ISIS Because It's 'the Biggest Most Baddest Gang in the World'
Isis Gunmen Disguised As Doctors Kill More Than 30 People In Attack On Military Hospital in Kabul
'Gifted' Straight-A Student, 22, and Amazon Warehouse Worker 'Begged to Launch ISIS Suicide Attack in the UK If He Could Not Get to Syria'
300 Refugees Subjects of FBI Terror Investigations, U.S. Officials Say
New York ISIS Supporter Threatened to Behead His Mother
NY Man Arrested, Accused Of Trying To Join Islamic Extremist Group
Islamic Students 'Threatened To Behead Non-Muslim Staff In Name Of Isis' At Sydney High School
UK Supermarket Clerk Converts To Islam, Gets Bomb-Making Instructions, Tries To Join Jihadis, Blames Brexit
Islamic State on Killing Spree of Christians in Sinai
ISIS: “We Will Certainly Plant Our Flag Over America, China, Russia, and All the Infidels of the World”
'Mad Dog' Unleashed: Mattis May Launch ISIS Raids Without Trump
Muslim Brotherhood: We’re Spending $5 Million on PR in U.S.
Islamic State Urges Jihadis to ‘Dress Up Like Jews’ and Carry Out Terror Attacks
Sen. Lindsey Graham to Reintroduce Bill Cutting Off Palestinian Aid for Paying Salaries to Terrorists
Man ‘Helping ISIS Develop Long-Range Guided Missile’ Arrested in Australia
EU Lawmakers Vote to Strip Le Pen of Immunity for Tweeting Pictures of ISIS Violence
FEB 28
Revolutionary Guards Commander Admits Terror Cells Ready to Strike in America
Jihadi 'Veterans' Return to Sweden, Establish Islamist Extremist Networks
Terror Group Teaching Fighters to EAT non-Muslims
German Hostage Beheaded By ISIS
Second Muslim Takeover Plot Alleged at UK High School
ISIS Fits Puppy Bomber with ‘Suicide’ Bomb Belt – HOLLY NOTE: This isn't a new technique. It goes back to at least 2010.
Sinkhole in Iraq Holds 4,000 ISIS Victims, Another Mass Grave Contained 100 Beheaded Bodies
Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Let’s Ask the OIC
FEB 27
Next Women's March Being Planned By a Palestinian Convicted Terrorist, Who Lied on App to Get U.S. Citizenship
Report: ISIS Planning 'Mass Terror Attacks' on 'Innocent Civilians' in Britain
UK Terror Threat 'at Highest Since 1970s IRA Plots'
FEB 24
Gorka: 30 to 40% of Those Released From Gitmo Return to Terror – HOLLY NOTE: There's another feather in Obama's cap for releasing nearly all Gitmo prisoners.
Iran Hosts Terrorist Groups as U.S. Mulls Terror Designation for Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps
Terrorists Are Building Drones. France Is Destroying Them with Eagles
Unholy Alliance: Why Islamists and Secular Left Work Together
ISIS Seeking to Destroy Televisions, Cell Phones to Control 'Access to Information'
3 Foot Cells with No Windows Where Women, Held as Sex Slaves, Were Kept Like Animals By ISIS
FEB 22
Missouri Man Accused of Plotting ISIS Attack in Kansas City
ISIS Suicide Bomber Was Paid $1.25 Million By UK Government Because He Was Locked Up in Guantanamo for 2 Years – HOLLY NOTE: This photo is of the bomber just moments before blowing himself up in an attack on a military facility near Mosul in Iraq. As soon as he was released he scampered to ISIS, not his family. Guess he's grinning because he wanted the 72 virgins more than his wife and 5 kids. This bizarre behavior is beyond Westerners comprehension. Nice job Tony.
‘Allah Gave Orders to Kill Every Infidel’ ISIS Vows to Massacre Christians in Chilling Video 36
Terrorists Among Us: Rarely Mentioned Not-so-peaceful Refugees and Immigrants
FEB 20
Most Still See Radical Islamic Terrorism As Serious Threat
FEB 17
60% of Refugee Arrivals Since Judge Halted Trump Order Come from Terror-Prone Countries
ISIS Claims Attack Targeting Pakistani Sufi Worshippers, One of Country's Worst in Years
FEB 16
Al Qaeda Likely to Absorb ISIS Amid Weakened Territorial Holdings – Counter-Terrorism Experts Warn Merger Would Escalate Global Terror Threat
SpecOps Commander: U.S.-Led Coalition Forces Have Killed 60,000 ISIS Militants
FEB 14
Radical Islam Has Grown ‘Much, Much Stronger’ Since 9/11
ISIS Appeals to Idea of 'Last Chance for Jihad' in Recruiting Foreign Fighters
White House Aide Criticizes Obama’s Counter-Terrorism Policy for Failing to Mention Islam
ISIS Wants Palmyra Gone For Financial & Religious Reasons
ISIS Using Feminism to Lure Australian Women into Becoming ‘Jihadi Brides’
FEB 13
Fourth Muslim Group Rejects Federal Grant to Fight Extremism
FEB 10
The New York Times Comes Out In Defense of the Muslim Brotherhood
Feminist Darling Will Speak at Event with Convicted Palestinian Terrorist and Immigration Fraudster
Terror Bust: '24 Suicide Belts' Seized as Cops Foil 'SENSATIONAL' ISIS Attack
Evidence Shows ISIS May Be Forging Passports
Islamic Extremism: 2 Lessons Learned
Serious Concern as Islamic Terrorists Released From Prison – 'The U.S. Has Not Adapted to Countering The Evolving Threat'
ISIS Created Chemical Weapons in Mosul University
5 Reasons The Muslim Brotherhood Is a Terror Group
Donald Trump: Media Not Reporting on Radical Islamic Terrorism
78 Terrorist Attacks the White House Says Were Largely Underreported
Increasing Concern About 'Insider Threats' at US Airports: Gov't Report
Toronto Muslim Speaker: “We Must Celebrate Our Way of Life…Until Their Way of Life Dissipates Under Our Feet”
Penn. Man Pleads Guilty to Aiding ISIS, Threatening Military
Trump Tells U.S. Troops ‘Justice Will Prevail’ in Fight Against Islamic Terrorists
Behead Them in Their Own Homes”: Pennsylvania Muslim Drew Up Assassination List of US Military Personnel
Russell Square Knifeman, Who Muttered 'Allah, Allah, Allah' Admits Killing US Tourist, 64, Wounding 5 Others in Bloody Rampage
Report: ISIS Keeps Files on How Many Sex Slaves Fighters Have
Denver Rapid Transit Security Officer, Former Pastor and Police Officer, Shot Dead – Colorado Muslims Warned Feds He was “Pretty Advanced on His Path of Radicalization”
Allahu Akbar’: French Soldier Shoots Machete-Wielding Suspect Outside the Louvre
Univ. of San Francisco in Uproar, Persecutes Former Student for Snapchat “Allah Akbar” Emoji
Thousands Across Canada Attend Vigils to Remember Quebec City Massacre Victims
Man Who Beheaded Greyhound Bus Passenger Seeking Discharge: Family
Muslim Brotherhood Front Organizations, U.S. and Canada
Austria: Muslim Migrants Scream “Allahu akbar” as They Fire Plastic Pellets At Train Passengers
Univ. of San Francisco in Uproar, Persecutes Former Student for Snapchat “Allah Akbar” Emoji
JAN 31
Obama and Jimmy Carter Had Immigration Bans on Jihad Nations
James Mitchell Full Interview on Terrorist Threats and Open Borders – video
20 ‘Vetted’ Refugees Who Turned to Terrorism After Being Allowed into America
JAN 30
2 Gunmen Open Fire in Quebec City Mosque Killing 6, Injuring 8 in ‘Terrorist Attack on Muslims’ – Shouted “Allahu akbar” as They Began Shooting
This Happened 2 Days After… Canada's Trudeau Welcomes All Immigrants in Sunny Twitter Message
One Shooter from Morocco…
Canada Calls It's Terrorism
JAN 27
2 Teens Arrested After Planning Mass Shooting at Florida Middle School
Feds Blame “Lapse in Vetting” for Admitting Syrian Refugees with Terrorist Ties into U.S.
ISIS Drone Dropping Precision Bombs Alarms U.S. Military
JAN 25
The Heightening Risk of Bioterrorism
Mad Dog Mattis Eyes on Islamic State
In Trump's White House, It's ISIS, Not ISIL
US Blasts 10 ISIS Boats Out of the Water in Iraq
A Clash of Civilizations in Colorado
JAN 20
Car Ploughs into Pedestrians in Melbourne, Leaving 3 Dead, 29 Injured
…Screamed “Allahu Akbar” Right Before, But Cops Say Not Terror-Related
JAN 19
Boston: Support for Al Qaeda Jihadis Preached at New England’s Largest Mosque
JAN 18
Nigeria: 7- and 12-Year-Old Suicide Bombers Kill 5 in Suspected Boko Haram Attack
JAN 16
Oman Says It Accepts 10 Guantanamo Inmates
ISIS Video Shows 7-Year-Old Beheading "Apostate", Another Preschooler Pumps 5 Bullets into 2nd Victim
ISIS Children as Executioners – video, graphic warning
ISIS Singles Out Dallas Megachurch in Call for Arson Jihad
ISIS-Linked Suicide Attack Kills 8 in Egypt Police Station
Fort Lauderdale Shooter Was “Aashiq Hammad” on MySpace, Recorded Islamic Music
UK Jihadi Freed from Gitmo Flees to Syria to Join al-Qaeda
Former Guantanamo Bay Officer Reacts To Detainee Transfers – video
2 Car Bombs Over Last 24 Hours: 60+ Dead, 130+ Injured
Suicide Bombings Increased 30% in 2016, the Deadliest Year In History – 5,650 Slaughtered in 469 Attacks
Czech Government Pushing Constitutional Change To Let Citizens Use Guns Against Islamic Jihadis
German Vice Chancellor: “Salafist Mosques Must Be Banned, Communities Dissolved, And Preachers Expelled”
Report: Obama to Free Gitmo Detainees Who Have Vowed to Behead Americans
Jihadists Train, Plan U.S. Attack from Mexican Border State of Nuevo León
Islamic Terror Cells Shift from Mideast to U.S.-Mexican Border 
ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm – flashback
Canada's MPs to Be Briefed on UNRWA’s Ties to Hamas, Islamic Jihad
4 Guantanamo Detainees Transferring to Saudi Arabia, as Part of Final Wave
Gangster-Killing Philippines President Duterte Claims Some of His Cousins May Be in ISIS
Turkey Arrests 5 In Connection With Terror Attack, Gunman Still At Large
ISIS Claims Istanbul Nightclub Terror Attack Was Targeted at Killing 'Pagan' Christians
ISIS Leader, 400 Militants Enter Europe Disguised as Refugees
The Specifics of Sharia’s Savageries – Why St. Peter’s in Cairo Was Bombed
U.S. Islamist Group: Fake Friendship with Non-Believers
Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part I
Muslim Activist to Trump: Brotherhood Should Be Banned
'This Was a Massacre, a Truly Inhuman Savagery': Santa Claus Gunman Opens Fire in Celebrity Nightclub in Turkey, Killing 39 Wounding 69
ISIS Takes Credit
…Wants to Carry Out Mass Chemical Attack on Britain, Minister Warns