Live UFO Event Tracker (MUFON)

MAR 27
Trumpet-like Alien Sound Finally Heard in the UK – Heard Worldwide Mystery for Almost a Decade
Woman Finds Strange Snake-Like Creature with 2 Heads in Her Garden
Bizarre Alien 'Megaship' Captured By International Space Station Camera
UFO Hunters Claim to Have Spotted Strange Cube Falling from a 'Black Hole Portal' Over White Sands Military Base
Zambian Shoppers Run in Terror When Strange Harry Potter Human-like Figure Appears in Clouds – video
'This Isn't a Bloody Plane': UFO Believers Explode Over Tasmanian Fireball – HOLLY NOTE: Reporters commenting on this tried to fob off the sighting as being a jet. No jet was reported, that we heard of, was in a nosedive over Australia's southernmost state. Others said it was a contrail. If so, it's super short.
Poll Most Americans Think Gov't Would Keep Aliens Secret If They Exist
Russian Fisherman Pulls Terrifying ‘Monsters’ from the Deep
What Is this 2.5mile Long Object Moving Under the Pacific Ocean?
FEB 24
UFO Sightings Reached an All-Time High
FEB 14
UFO Experts Warn of “Cosmic False Flag” Event, Claiming Deep State Will Fake Alien Invasion to Achieve Totalitarian Control Over Humanity
FEB 13
Q-CAST: Cannibal Apocalypse – video
Slain Florida Priest Begs Mercy From Beyond Grave For Accused
'Is the World About to End?' Apocalypse Fears After 'Portal to Another Dimension' Opens Up
JAN 30
‘Fleet of UFOs Soar Over Mexican Border into US’ in Eerie Footage Which Later ‘Disappeared from the Internet’
UFO Hunters Claim They Have Spotted an 'Alien Ship' Hidden in an Antarctic Cave in Google Earth Images
Aliens, Spaceships: Welcome to Australia's Weirdest Town
JAN 25
Mysterious ‘Booms’ Heard Around San Diego County
JAN 20
CIA Shares Trove of Declassified Files Online Including UFOs and Invisible Ink
JAN 10
Alien Hand Found in Peru
Ghosts Haunt Our Palace, Says Swedish Queen