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JAN 19
At Least 17 Dead After Winter Storm Ravages the South
JAN 18
States of Emergency: Interstates Crippled, Hundreds of Crashes, Pileups Turn Deadly, Cold Snap Kills at Least 10 in the South
Over 500 Collisions Occur Amid Disruptive Snowstorm in North Carolina
Snow and Sleet Covered the Ground in Parts of All 50 States Wednesday
Dramatic Central, Eastern US Warmup May Make It Feel 60-80º Higher
Snow to Continue to Blankets Much of Virginia, Carolinas into Wednesday Night
3 Still Missing in California's Deadly Mudslides
More Rain and Snow on the Way for Wary California: Timing
Puerto Rico School Cheers After They Get Electricity Back on for First Time Since Hurricane Maria
Why Congress Needs to Reform Disaster Relief Spending
JAN 16
Snow, Ice to Create Hazardous Travel Across Southern US into Wednesday
'Ice Mountains' Form on Lake Erie
Nearly 15,000 Evacuate as Philippine Volcano Erupts
Gulf Specimen Marine Lab Sees Influx of Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles, Preparing for More
Hundreds of Tumbleweeds Roll Across Ground Creating Eerie Spectacle – HOLLY NOTE: While Accuweather says this is 'eerie', it's common where we live. Tumbleweeds are a never-ending nuisance and they were particularly awful in 2014. Not only are tumbleweeds unsightly, very sharp stickers populate every branch and when clustered, present a fire hazard. By the time they're blowing across roads and yards, they are dry as a bone. Prickly branches stick into fences, trees and shrubs, and under cars. Worst, as they're blowing everywhere, tumbleweeds spread countless seeds. They lie dormant in any crevice all winter just waiting for the first spring rain and then the battle is on through fall. This video illustrated the problem just north of us in Colorado Springs. Notice they've blown into piles as tall as this man. Some years back, an enterprising woman collected tumbleweeds, spray-painted them gold and sold them on eBay. This site sells them for $25 – on sale! Most Coloradans would gladly give them away! We don't know a single neighbor or friend that doesn't spit tacks seeing the next round blow in.
Britain Hit By Snow, Ice and 80Mph Gales
JAN 12
Man Whose Car Was Whisked Away in Caught-on-Video Burbank Mudflow Recounts Terrifying Ordeal
Dramatic Video Shows California Flash Flood Rushing Towards People in Car – video
Huge Volcano Spews Smoke and Ash After MASSIVE Eruption
Visit to Biggest Underwater Volcano in Last 100 Years Reveals Deep Sea Mystery
JAN 11
Southern California Mudslides: At Least 17 Dead, 100 Homes Destroyed
Survivors: 'Mud Came in an Instant'
Many Still Trapped…
Northeastern US to Experience Drastic Temperature Swing Late This Week
5,000 Lightning Strikes Hit Sydney Over 2 Days – video
Earth Tilting to the South-Axis of Rotation off Balance-Oceans in Opposition – video
Man Impressively Slips on Black Ice and Slides Down His Entire Driveway, Wife Posts Vid on Facebook – video humor
JAN 10
At Least 13 Dead, 25 Injured as Mudslides, Floods Sweep Away SoCal Homes
Massive 7.6 Earthquake Strikes Caribbean, Islands Escape Major Damage After One of the Most Powerful Tremors Ever to Hit the Region
Report: 485 Scientific Papers Published in 2017 Undermine Supposed ‘Consensus’ on Global Warming
So Cold in Maine People Ice Skate on the Beach
Evacuations Ordered in Santa Barbara Due to Fear of Mudslides
2017 Ranks as Most Expensive Year for Disasters Thanks to Hurricanes, Wildfires
Delays, Cancellations, Flooding Stand Over 6,000 at JFK Airport
Major Water Receding in Santa Elena Frightens Fishermen in Ecuador
Snowmageddon Hits Spain and Italy: Hundreds of Drivers Trapped Overnight in Vehicles – video
Rare Snow Covers the Sahara Desert in Algeria – Second Year in a Row after 40 Years' Absence
Sydney Swelters on Hottest Day Since 1939 as Mercury Hits 117ºF (47.3ºC)
…Another Heatwave on the Way
Australia Hit By 'Catastrophic Weather' So Hot Roads Are Melting – Temps in Victoria Hit 104ºF (40ºC) – video
Harsh Cold, Biting Winds to Threaten Midwest, Northeast into the Weekend
Real Time Chill Map
NY Declares State of Emergency: JFK, La Guardia Close Due to Huge Winter Storm
Violent 'Bomb Cyclone' Sends High Tide to Near Record Levels in Downtown Boston; Motorists Stranded
2017 Was the Year of the Billion-Dollar Disaster
Nasty Drought Is Growing Nationwide
As Israel Braces for Massive Storm, Chief Rabbi Visits Kinneret Drought Island to Pray
Millions Batten Down for 'Bomb Cyclone' Bringing Snow, Ice and Bone-Chilling Winds
Snowy 'Bomb Cyclone' Hitting Northeast, Forcing Nearly 3,000 Flight Cancellations
…Compared to Superstorm Sandy
Forecast: After the Storm It Gets Even Colder – video
Lake Erie Set to Freeze Over in the Days Ahead
Mount St. Helens Is Rumbling Again With 40 Earthquakes Since New Years Day
4.5 Earthquake Shakes San Francisco Area
Biblical Hailstorm Buries Cars in Ice in Biblian, Ecuador
Deadly Storm Eleanor Hits Switzerland, Germany, France, Ireland, Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands with 220 Km/H Winds, Extreme Rains and Hailstorms – Tens of Thousands Without Electricity – video
Brutally Cold Weather Pattern with Frightening Name – Bomb Cyclone – Takes Aim at East Coast
Deadly Cold Continues to Grip the U.S.
…Blamed for at Least 12 Deaths Across U.S.
Snow in Florida
‘Frozen America’: 92% of Country Below Freezing
Powerful Earthquakes to Ravage Earth in 2018 as Planet's Rotation Temporarily Slows
Brrr… NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis ALL Hit Record Cold Temperatures – Sioux City Tops List at -24°
Harshest Wave of Cold So Far This Season Will Take Hold of the NE United States By Weekend

Storm to Produce Blizzard Conditions in Parts of New England, Graze Mid-Atlantic Coast Later This Week
Bitter Cold Envelopes Much of the U.S. to Start 2018
Low Temps Will Dip After Coldest New Year’s Day in 100 Years
6 Major Volcanoes in Japan, Indonesia, Mexico and US Might Erupt in 2018: Who's at Stake?