Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
—Ronald Reagan, 1981

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Jan-June July-Dec

JAN 18
Apple to Invest $350 Billion in US; Create 20,000 Jobs, Open New Campus
Will Pay $38B in Taxes to Bring Cash Home Stashed Abroad
…Giving $2,500 Stock Awards to Rank and File Employees
Apocalypse: More Companies Hiring, More Americans Keeping Their Own Money
Dow Spikes 322 Points, Closes Above 26,000 for First Time
Counterfeit Cash Circulating in 11 States: Here’s How to Spot It
Ripple Co-Founder Loses $44 Billion on Paper During Cryptocurrency Crash
Bitcoin Sell-Off Deepens…
California's Homeless Problem Revealed In One "Incredible" Video
JAN 16
Dow Surpasses 26,000 in Record Time
Drowning in the Money River: Why the 99% of Us Are Falling Farther Behind
California Proposes Dodgy State-Run Charity Scheme to Offset New Fed Tax Changes
Bitcoin Investors ‘Should Be Prepared to Lose All Their Money,’ Market Watchdog Warns As Cryptocurrency Plunges 20%
JAN 12
Due to Tax Cuts, Fiat Chrysler to Move 2500 Jobs From Mexico to Michigan, Invest $US1B in Plant
In Wake of Tax Reform, at Least 2 Million Americans Have Already Been Paid Bonuses or Had Pay Boosted – List of Companies
Sen. Ted Cruz Asks Democrats to Join Him on Bill to Make Middle-Class Tax Cuts Permanent
Whispers of $80 Oil Growing Louder
Gas Prices Tiptoe Higher but Downward Trend May Be Coming Soon
USA National Gas Price Heat Map – HOLLY NOTE: Type in your city or zip code to find the best price in your area.
Major Missouri County Employer Closing Its Doors - 850 Jobs Impacted
After Min Wage Hike, Huge Restaurant Chain Eliminates Key Position in All 570 Locations
IRS Paid $20 Million to Collect $6.7 Million in Tax Debts
JAN 11
Walmart Is Raising Wages And Giving Bonuses, Citing Tax Cuts
Poll: View of Economy Is at Record High
California's Governor Brown Raises Prospect of Pension Cuts in Downturn
World's Biggest Hedge Fund Hires World's Best Female Poker Player
JAN 10
Social Security Proposes "Immediate and Permanent Reduction" In Benefits
Trump Endorses Return to Pork-Barrel Spending Projects
Japanese Automakers to Build $1.6 Billion Plant in Alabama
Stock Market Best Start of Year Since 1987!
Economic Engine Roars Back to Life: U.S. Small Biz Confidence Record High
Jamie Dimon Predicts 4% GDP Growth
Trump Admin Approves $133 Million Missile Sale to Japan
WaPo Admits: Trump’s First-Year Job Numbers ‘Very, Very Good’
Trump Warns Farmers That Democrats Want to Raise Taxes, Regulations – HOLLY NOTE: Trump is the first President in 25 years to accept the American Farm Bureau's invitation to come speak.
A Financial 'Bomb Cyclone' Is Coming for the States in 2018
New Department of Labor Report Reveals Rampant Embezzlement By Union Employees Around U.S.
Free College Would Make Higher Education an Extension of High School – HOLLY NOTE: Aren't they there now with the safe spaces and Care Bears?
A Curious Thing Happened When Ontario Hiked Minimum Wages By Over 20%
"It's Historic Euphoria": 5 Trading Days Into 2018, The S&P Has Already Hit 4 Year-End Price Targets
Trump Follows Through on Threat, Slashes Aid to Palestinians
Trump Takes Second Swing at Pakistan, Shows $250 Million Cut Was Only the Beginning
Trump Keeps His Promise: Blacks and Hispanics Do Better with Him Than Obama
We Hear You: Tax Cuts, the GOP Establishment, the Job Outlook, and the Trump Economy
Cash Windfall from Trump's Tax Law May Fuel Corporate Dealmaking Boom
The Best Time of the Year to Buy Everything
Disaster Aid Becomes Hostage to Funding Fight
Trump Proposes Massive Expansion of Offshore Drilling
Congress Needs a Vision for Prosperity
Morgan Stanley Wealth Sells All Junk Bond Holdings, Warns of Recession Risk
Anatomy of a Crypto-Nightmare: Ripple CEO Is Now Richer Than Zuckerberg
Dow Climbs Above 25,000 for First Time Ever
250,000 New Jobs in December
More Businesses Raise Wages, Give Bonuses in Wake of Tax Cuts
But Obama Said Manufacturing Jobs Wouldn't Come Back…
Iceland Becomes First Country to Make Equal Pay Law
Delaware County Stalls Right-to-Work Vote as Unions Protest
Mega Millions Jumps Up to $418M for Friday's Drawing
Powerball Jumps to $550M, No Winning Tickets Sold
‘Mapping The Swamp’ Report Shows It’s Even Bigger, Costlier Than You Think – Paying Federal Workforce Costs Taxpayers $1.1M Per Minute
Check Your State's 'Swampiness'
China Offers Tax Incentives to Persuade U.S. Companies to Stay
Dems Open Door to Tax-Free 'Donations' to Restaurants, Car Dealerships, and Gun-Sellers
Why the End of Malls Will Not Make Shopping Any Better
The Trump Effect: Business, Anticipating Less Regulation, Loosens Purse Strings
Conspicuous Consumption - Mapping Where America's Biggest Spenders Live
"We Got Some Folks Fired": Minimum Wage Is Going Up In These 18 States Today
2018 - What Could Go Wrong?