Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.
—John 14:6
Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
—Isaiah 41:10

Be encouraged. Maranatha!

Faith is not about everything turning out OK; Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out," so, live simply, love generously, care deeply and speak kindly and leave the rest to God. — author unknown

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Jan-June July-Dec

Tocqueville on Christianity and American Democracy
Pope and Macron Hold 'Intense' Meeting at Vatican
Rico Tice Quits Archbishops’ Evangelism Team Over Sexuality Teaching
About 200 Christians Murdered in Heinous Killing Spree
Pakistan: Christians Told They Can’t Have a Church In Muslim-Majority Village
'Coming War Between the Cross and the Crescent': The Threat from Turkey's Tyrant
Where Is the Outrage That Christians Are Banned From Playing Soccer in Egypt, While Christian Countries Are Being Expected to Show Tolerance and Openness to Islamic Refugees?
Recent Tarot Trend as New Age Idolatry
Why The World Hates the (True) Church
Largest Gathering of Anglicans in 50 Years to Archbishop of Canterbury: Return to Teaching Bible Only
American Liberal Elites Persecute Christians With Goal Of Socialism
Philly Schools Add Muslim Holidays by Cutting Jewish One
Billboards of Pastor Robert Jeffress Removed in Dallas Because He Called America a ‘Christian Nation’
Global Religious Freedom Takes Its Biggest Hit in Over a Decade
"God Loves You": Actor Chris Pratt Delivers Faith-Filled Speech At MTV Movie Awards
The Religious World Is Growing, Fast
Robert Jeffress Accuses Dallas Mayor of Religious 'Hostility' for Vilifying 'Christian Nation' Event
The Day Sodom And Gomorrah Are Restored
"God Loves You": Actor Chris Pratt Delivers Faith-Filled Speech At MTV Movie Awards
Robert Jeffress Accuses Dallas Mayor of Religious 'Hostility' for Vilifying 'Christian Nation' Event
The Day Sodom And Gomorrah Are Restored
Losing Their Religion: Younger Adults are Less Religious, and Not Only in the US
What Young Adults in 100 Countries Think of Religion
Federal Judges Throw Out ‘In God We Trust’ Case, Rules U.S. Currency Does Not Force Satanists to Spread Christianity
Ex-fullback Gives Up Shoulder Pads, Helmet For Nun’s Habit
Sessions Moves To Protect Houses Of Worship From Discrimination
Former Children of God Member Details Life in the Apocalyptic Sex Cult That Lured Hollywood Celebs
Australia Passes Law Requiring Priests To Break Seal Of Confession, Bishop Protests
Vatican To Prosecute High-Ranking Priest On Child Porn Charges
Former U.S. Apostolic Nuncio: Our Lady Is The ‘Real Frontline Fighter Against The Devil’
Spain Chooses Anti-Catholic Atheist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez Aims To Remove Catholicism From Public Life
Trumps Instructs U.S. Aid Agencies to Bypass UN to Help Iraqi Christians
Indian Man Kills His 4-Year-Old Daughter to Appease Allah Then Tells Police That Satan Made Him Slit Her Throat'
Columbia and Yale Scientists Found Spiritual Part of Our Brains – Religion Not Required
Austria to Shut Down Mosques, Expel Foreign-Funded Imams
Christian Teacher Says School Forced Him to Resign for Not Following Transgender Policy
Vatican Secretary of State Attending Elite Bilderberg Meeting
C-ALLAH-IFORNIA: More Parental Outrage As Another Public School Tries To Force-Feed Islam To Its Students
Inverted Crosses Installed By Dark Mofo Offend Some in Christian Community
‘Human Rights Disaster’: China’s Persecution of Christians at Highest Level Since Mao
Millions of Brazilians Hail Israel During March For Jesus
Larry Gatlin Reveals He Inspired Kris Kristofferson's 'Spiritual Journey'
Pastor Carl Gallups: The Ancient Storm-God Baal Is Still Being Worshipped Today – video
Islamic Anti-Semitism Is Really Islamic Imperialism – It’s Not a Few Verses; It’s The Mission of Islam
How Jesus Died: Rare Evidence of Roman Crucifixion Found
Poland’s Catholic Church Bucks Pope Francis’ Liberal Embrace
Church Closures Abound in Islamist States
Rise In Possessions Leads to Vatican Holding ‘Exorcist Training’
Billy Graham: Freemason or Not? – HOLLY NOTE: Sad to say this topic even needs to be addressed, but this stupid rumor has been circulating for quite some time. It is evil people trying to shake your faith.
Court Agrees Cops Can Withhold Bible From Inmate
Stephen Coughlin Red Pill Brief – video of week
American Bible Society Requiring Employees to Adhere to Biblical Behavior; Some Quit
Christians in North Korea Executed and Tortured for Praying and Reading Bible
India: 2017 Saw 20% Increase in Atrocities against Christians, Says Lawyer
MAY 31
Prosperity Preacher Jesse Duplantis Seeks Donations for $54M Private Jet, Says God Wants Him to Have It
Why Jesus Is No Longer the Only Way for Many American Christians
Vatican: The Catholic Church Cannot Ever Ordain Women Priests – HOLLY NOTE: But 'yes' to pedophiles? Right.
Related: Pope Francis: 'About 2%' of Catholic Clergy Are Pedophiles
Baptist Church Votes to Remove Statue of Jesus Because It Looks Too 'Catholic'
Despite Disappointing Some, New Mark Manuscript Is Earliest Yet
European 'Christians' No Longer Align With Christian Faith
MAY 29
There's a 'Heretic' in Vatican: Pope Francis Faces Pushback From Church Conservatives
MAY 28
Transgenders Encouraged to Become Priests in Church of England Diversity Drive
It Begins: Church Sued for Refusing to Host LGBT Event
Catholic Church Launch Probe After Virgin Mary Statue Starts Weeping
MAY 23
In His Will, Billy Graham Urges Family to Defend Gospel 'at Any Cost'
20 Evangelical Priests among Those Killed in Cuban Plane Crash
Palo Alto Pastor Resigns After Tweeting City is ‘An Elitist Shit Den of Hate’
Daughter of Whistleblower Who Revealed WV School Proselytizing for Islam Told “We Are Gonna Get Some People And Kill Your Dad”
Pope Francis Tells Chilean Man Who Was Raped By Catholic Priest That ‘It’s OK to Be Gay’ In Private Vatican Meeting
MAY 21
West Virginia 7
th Graders Told to Declare Submission to Allah – Lesson Plan Included Writing Out Islamic Profession of Faith
Outrage Hits America as California High School Yearbook Proudly Featured Islam, Makes No Mention of Any Other Religion – NOLLY NOTE: Somewhere along the line, we've lost the plot putting illegal immigrants' rights before Americans, favoring them over citizens and immigrants that wait patiently in line while yet protecting illegals with criminal records in sanctuary cities and jurisdictions at our literal expense and safety. Now we honor Muslims while silencing/ignoring/ eradicating Judeo-Christians who founded this nation. Have you noticed how many how many TV programs have plots that center on 'crazy zealot Christians' and no-to-little mention of radical Islamists? Jews pretty much get a pass, but 'entertainment' pits Muslims against Christians with the latter painted really poorly while Muslims shine. Additionally, what's with the shine on socialism and sometimes communism? It's most put forth by the young (and inexperienced), by people with idealist views like Bernie Sanders and other extreme left-wing vote-for-me campaign strategies. Some people have pounded political correctness and inclusiveness to the point where the majority's values have no value.
Notorious Dearborn Mosque Considers Banning Certain Jews From Entering
MAY 18
Pope Francis Demotes Jesus Christ to Third, and Claims Mary as the Source of Our Hope
Pope Francis Hints He May Retire
PROPHECY IN MOTION: Young French Jews Fleeing France in Droves as Islamic Anti-Semiti Reaches Unimaginable Levels ET Zechariah 12:3
Sounding More Like a King, Pope Francis Lashes Out With Another Stinging Critique of Global Capitalism
MAY 17
Is God Mad at America Because of Abortion? Exclusive: Jerry Newcombe Warns, 'There Will Come a Time of Reckoning'
Related: Number of Abortions in the U.S.:
Today: 1,600
This Year: 350,000
Since Roe vs Wade in 1973: 60 Million
By Planned Parenthood Since 1970: 8 Million
By Planned Parenthood This Year: 131,000
Worldwide Since 1980: 1.5 Billion
MAY 16
Some Christians and Jews Hail Embassy Move to Jerusalem as Key to a Biblical Plan
FOX Cancels 'The Mick' and 'Lucifer'
Poll: White Evangelical Support For Trump Is at All-Time High
MAY 14
Pastor Says Security Camera Captured a Miracle
MAY 11
White Evangelical Population Share Declining, Poll Finds
Pope Francis and Communism: Vatican Owned Newspaper Likens Communist Founder Karl Marx to a “Church Father”
First Congregational Church Holds Spring LGBTQ Dance
Shock and Outrage as the UK Proposes 6-Year Prison Sentence For Criticizing Islam
Outrage in America as a Catholic University Opens a GENDER-SEPARATED ISLAMIC PRAYER SPACE to Make Muslim Students Feel More Comfortable
MAY 10
AMEN: Trump Admin Moves to Loosen Regulations on Faith-Based Colleges and Universities
Nuns Arrested For Torturing 65 Children
Walt Disney World Cancels Christian Music Festival After 34 Years
Dallas Forcing 25-Member Jewish Congregation to Close
American Albatross
'No Other Religion Would Be Made Fun of in This Way': Christian Fury at Met Gala's 'Blasphemous' Catholic Theme – Pope Attends and Approves…
Amazon Bans Christian Group From Charity Program But Allows Nation of Islam Groups
'In God We Trust' Motto Sparks Debate In Minnesota: 'How About Bringing Respect Back In Schools?'
President Trump Signs Order to Create a Christian Faith-Based Office in the White House to 'Protect Religious Freedom'
This One Sentence Trump Said at The White House Prayer Event Truly Separates Him From Obama
God Is Getting Ready to Move Christians Into the Political Arena
Pope Invites Leaders of All Christian Denominations in the Mideast to Peace Summit
Religious and LGBT Groups Clash in 2 States Over Adoption
Is Talking About Persecution of Christians Not PC?
Canadian Christian School Shut Down For Teaching Bible Verses
TIMEBOMB! Don't Be Its Next Victim – audio
What Would Muhammad Do – Episode 1 – video
The Religion Of Peace Is in Fact The Religion of Blood
Turkey Tells EU to Criminalize Criticism of Islam
Oslo Police Declare “We Have Lost the City”…Islam Has Taken Over
Episcopal Church Removes Terms Husband, Wife and Procreation from Marriage to Make it More LGBT Compliant
Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery Reveals Hidden Script
Muslims Caught in 'Blatant Show of Disrespect' on Temple Mount
Ancient 'Secret Church' Discovered Where Christians May Have Worshiped to Escape Roman Persecution 2,000 Years Ago
Christian Great Chuck Missler Has Died – HOLLY NOTE: Chuck was a personal hero and we had the privilege of meeting him when he and Stan were both lecturing at a prophecy conference in Colorado Springs a few years ago. His mind was like a massive file cabinet crammed with Biblical teachings, logic and scripture all rolled together to present his unique, gifted style of ministry. As with recently passed Bill Graham, another Christian giant has left the stage.
Men, Women Who Left Homosexuality, Transgenderism to Rally at DC's 'Freedom March'
Cardinal Pell – One of the Most Powerful Officials in the Vatican – Ordered to Stand Trial on Sexual Assault Charges
MS-13 Gang Sacrificing Underage American Girls In ‘Satanic Rituals’
Biblical BOMBSHELL as Archaeologists ‘Uncover Ancient City of King David’
Related: Prophecy Fulfilled: City of David 'Shakes Off the Dust' – flashback
Chechen Top Dog Says He Won’t Legalize Polygamy, But “for Muslims, Allah Gives Permission to Have 4 Wives”
Atheists Establish ‘Freethought’ Congressional Caucus
APR 30
Victim of Waffle House Massacre 'Died Singing Gospels Songs'
Pew's Dubious Results on Faith in America
APR 27
Islamic Turkey Seizes 50 Christian Churches and Properties as Their Open War Against Infidels Intensifies ET John 15:18-21
Bible Sales Would Not Be Banned in California Under Proposed Legislation, Contrary to Claims
Google to Christian Publishing House: Remove References to Jesus, Bible in Ads
Norway Is on Verge of Banning ‘Annoying and Inappropriate’ Islamic Call to Prayer – and Muslims Are Outraged
Would You Want to Hear This in Public 5 Times a Day, Every Day? – video
APR 26
Paul Washer: Signs of Demonic Activity & Apostasy In Church – video
The Bilderberg Group Can't Save Evangelicalism
Did the Call For Christians to "Just Preach the Gospel" Result in California Becoming Anti-Christian?
Pew: 75% Talk to God, 28% Say God Talks Back
Bavaria Places Christian Crosses in State Buildings to Reflect 'Christian Values'
Activists Confess ‘Bible Ban’ Does Target ‘Faith Community’
APR 25
Break Your Generational Curses With This Specific Repentance
Why Are So Many Priests in Mexico Being Murdered?
APR 23
The False Teachings of the National Council of Churches
Atheists Demand IRS Bill Churches $1 Billion
Oscars Introduce Prestigious New ‘Most Tolerable Christian Movie’ Award
How Long Will I Be Allowed to Remain a Christian?
Young People Praise Vaping but Wish Christianity Would Go Up in Smoke
APR 20
Why God Still Works Through Fools Like Samson
This California State Assembly Bill Would BAN the Bible! ET 2 Timothy 4:3-4 – video
APR 19
Easy Access to Black Magic And Satanism Via Internet Increases Exorcism Demand
Exorcism: Vatican Course Opens Doors to 250 Priests
Empowering Islam by Rewriting History
Exploring the Ark Encounter – HOLLY NOTE: This is so amazing. This authentic-sized replica, hundreds of feet in length, gives new appreciation of the Ark's immensity and for building it without modern day tools. No wonder the Ark took Noah 40 years – and maybe as long as 75 – to build it! – video of day
What’s Your Brand?
Megachurch Pastor Says Jesus Appeared in Front of Him – 'I Saw Our Risen Savior. ... He Was Wearing a White Garment. He Had Brown Hair'
The Most Important Statement That the MSM Did Not Report
Facebook Now Bans Image of Jesus on Cross for Being Too Violent
Americans Grapple With Evil Amid Decline in Religious Faith ET
Exorcists in Training as Vatican Tackles Rising Cases of the 'Demon Possessed' ET
Britain Gives £20M ($28 Million) to Palestinian Schools Teaching Jihad, Martyrdom
NBC's Chuck Todd Slammed on Twitter for Good Friday Comments
'IGNORANT AND INSENSITIVE': NBC Star Chuck Todd Slammed for 'Mocking' Christianity on Good Friday ET
NBC Drama ‘Rise’ Slammed For Being Anti-Christian During Holy Week
On Easter (ad Every Day), Two Words You Can Say to Jesus
MAR 30
STUNNER: Pope Declares 'There Is No Hell' ET – HOLLY NOTE: The Vatican is trying to walk this back, but the Pope said the same thing in 2017.
Related: 'Hell' in Catholic Scriptures
Vatican: Don’t Trust Report That Pope Francis Denied Reality Of Hell
On Good Friday, Recognize the Plight of Christians Abroad – Recent Poll: Democrats Are More Likely to Think Muslims Are Mistreated in America Than to Think Christians Are Mistreated in the Islamic World.
Movie Theaters Cash in as Hollywood Turns to God
Jesus of Nazareth – Full Movie HD – video of day
Pakistan: Doctors Kill, Torture Christian for Demanding Care for Pregnant Sister
Saudi Prince Meets New York Rabbis in Rare Interfaith Gesture
MAR 29
Celebrating Witches and Wild Women With Ravenous Zine
Trump's Nominee for Sec. of State Mike Pompeo: 5 Quotes on Jesus, the Rapture, War on Radical Islam
Holy Cross Theology Professor Says Jesus Was a ‘Drag King’ with ‘Queer Desires’
Persecuted Iraqi, Syrian Christians Receive Over $1 Million From US Charity for Easter
Ex-Atheist Lee Strobel Breaks Down 4 Reasons Why Jesus’ Death and Resurrection Are Absolute FACT – video
‘Sweet Jesus’ Ice Cream ‘Mocks’ Christians for Profit: LifeSite Co-Founder to NBC Affiliate
MAR 28
Easter Is About the Cross, First and Foremost
Thousands March for ‘Eternal Life’ in Palm Sunday Rally: Jesus Is the Only Hope for America
India’s Christians Fault Hindu PM for Rising Climate Of Persecution
Sainsbury’s Bans The Use Of The Word “Easter” From Its Easter Eggs Because It Is Offensive To Muslims
68 Iowa Faith Leaders Sign Letter in Support of Abortion
Planned Parenthood: We Need Disney Princess Who’s Had Abortion
MAR 26
NATO Ally [Turkey] Now 'Considers Sharing Gospel an Act of Terrorism'
Goddess Ishtar Worship Scheduled for April 1
Refused Arranged Marriage Leads Parents to Burn Teen Daughter with Oil, Says Sheriff
MAR 23
Prosecutor: Kansas Militia Members Wanted to Kill Muslims
Being Born Again, Giving Heart to Jesus Doesn't Greatly Increase Church Attendance: Research
MAR 22
Christian Film 'I Can Only Imagine' is Smashing Success at the Box Office
Palestinian Claim to Dead Sea Scrolls May Be Next Up at UNESCO
MAR 21
Priest Publicly Wishes for Pope's Quick Death Because of His Views on Immigration and Islam
The 10 Celebrities Evangelicals Trust Most and Least on Politics
A Special China Issue: Massive Persecution is Underway
State-Enforced Paganism in America
Jim Caviezel & Mel Gibson's Warning for America – What Is Coming Revealed – video
'Greatest Coach of All Time' Taught 'Passion of the Christ' Star Jim Caviezel About Character
Jim Caviezel Believes He's 'Called' to Play Biblical Roles to Show Hollywood Christ
MAR 20
The Saudis Take On Radical Islam
Did China Just Launch the Mark of the Beast? Mandatory By 2020
'Insanity' to Believe Jesus Is The Only Way, Says Pastor
MAR 19
China Launches New Campaign Against Christianity
Third German Teen Girl Murdered By an Afghan Migrant: She Refused to Convert to Islam
The Atheist Delusion Movie – video of week
MAR 15
Radical Atheist Who Trashed Billy Graham after His Death Is Set to Become a Navy “Chaplain”
MAR 14
Scientists Now Resort to Calling Christians Crazy – ‘New Study’ Attempts to Establish a Link Between Religious Fundamentalism and Brain Damage – ET John 15:18
Behar Begs Forgiveness: Apologizes on Air For Anti-Christian Bigotry
‘I’m an Atheist’: Legendary Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking Dies at 76
MAR 13
The Ongoing Plight of Christians – Face Near Extermination Around The Globe ET
Muslim-on-Muslim Violence Is Israel's Fault, Says 'World's Most Influential Muslim'
Expert: Erdogan Regime Considers Christians, Jews ‘Enemies of the State’ ET
In Isolated World of Pastors, Churches Mum on Troubling Clergy Suicides
MAR 12
Board Overseeing Florida Condo Building Bans Bible Study, Christian Music in Commons Areas
The Copper Scroll Project: In Search of the Ark of the Covenant
5 Years On, Pope Francis Under Fire Over Sex Abuse Scandals
Florida Lawmakers Advance Bill That Requires 'In God We Trust' Displayed on School Grounds
Oprah Winfrey and Stephen Colbert Take Turns Mocking God, Jesus and the Bible on the Late Show
Church Hands Out $125,000 to Attendees With One Simple Request Pay Request – Pay It Forward
Democratic Dementia: Americans “Mistreat” Muslims More than Muslims Mistreat Christians? The Twisted, Delusional World of Millions of American Leftist Voters
Muslim on ‘Jihad’ Admits Killing New Jersey Student, 3 Others
Muslim Immigrant Gets Plea Deal for Supporting Jihadists Who Killed 5 U.S. Soldiers
Satanists Sue to Stop Pro-Life Law
The Blessings of Judaism and Christianity
Pope Francis in Chile Placed Crown on Statue of the ‘Virgin Mary’ and Declared Her Queen of the Universe
Guerrillas for God: How Hong Kong’s Pastors Are Delivering the Message to China’s Christians
Muslim Mob Injures Christians During Attack on Church Worship Service in Pakistan
Imams Are Spewing Hate in Mosques Across the U.S. With Impunity
Court Ruling Could Banish Crosses from Arlington Cemetery – HOLLY NOTE: If Christian crosses have to go, then so must Wicca's pentagram, the Humanist's arms in air, Druidism's Awen, the Muslim Crescent and Star, and Judaism's Star of David, plus all of these. – video
Saying ‘God Bless You’ When Someone Sneezes is Islamophobic, According to Librarians at a Massachusetts College
Independent Order of Exorcists Runs Online Demon-Busting Service as Vatican Faces Mounting Demand
More Than 30,000 Callers Blast ABC over View Co-Host Joy Behar's 'Anti-Christian Bigotry'
Three Minute Prayer That Can Change Your Life
Male Escort Outs 40 Gay Priests in Italy
Billy Graham Lies in Honor in U.S. Capitol; Trump, Pence, Congressional Leaders Attend
Indonesian Christians Flogged in Rare Shariah Punishment for Non-Muslims
Holy Cities of Islam and Catholicism Struck by Freak Ice Storms Within Days of Each Other
'Virgin Mary' Appears on Hospital Wall in Argentina
FEB 27
Jonestown Cult Survivor Recalls Horrifying Massacre in New Documentary: I Thought I Would Die at 22
FEB 26
With Demonic Possessions on the Rise, Vatican Offers Courses
Contradicting the Jewish Torah, Episcopal Church Bans Gender Pronouns for G-d
FEB 22
Jewish Leaders Mourn the Passing of Reverend Billy Graham, Friend of Israel
Franklin Graham Remembers Dad, Rev. Billy Graham
Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca Rips ‘Evil’ Rev. Billy Graham: ‘Have Fun In Hell, Bitch’ – HOLLY NOTE: What a shocking unbelievable display of disrespect! Parents, we hope you will banish this publication from your home. Send a message.
Jaw Dropping – The Washington Post Attacks Reverend Billy Graham Hours After He Dies…
U.N. Brings Back Image of 3rd Pagan God
Researches Believe They Dug Up 2,700-Year-Old Seal Of Doomsday Prophet Isaiah
FEB 20
Iraqi Archbishop: Muslim “Slow-Motion Genocide” of Christians Began 1400 Years Ago
Illinois: Hamas-linked Muslim Group Launches Hijab Propaganda Billboard Campaign
Maxine Waters Attended Nation Of Islam Convention Where Farrakhan Defended Jihad Suicide Bombers
Newt Gingrich Says 'Atheist Philosophy' Is More Dangerous Than Christian-Killing Islamic Radicals
FEB 16
Muslims Outraged as Roman Coliseum Will Be Lit in Red February 24th, to Draw Attention to Islamic persecution of Christians Around the World
Enough Of The Hyphenated Christians
Hijab Compulsory In Around 150 UK Schools, Government Too ‘Politically Correct’ to Step In
Christian Ministry Open Doors is Helping Restore Nearly 700 Homes Destroyed by ISIS
FEB 14
‘The View’ Star Joy(less) Behar Mocks Mike Pence’s Christian Faith: ‘That’s Called Mental Illness’
Will Islam Conquer the World?
FEB 13
Christian Persecution is Worse Today Than Ever Before
'They Are Treasured by God': Over 540 Churches Host Tim Tebow's 'Night to Shine' Special Needs Proms
California Now Suing To Shut Up Christian Speech
FEB 12
Katy Perry Says She's Ready for a 'Big Soul Overhaul'
Muslim Refugee Arrested For Placing Korans in Synagogues Removes Mezuzahs From Jewish Homes
Chinese Authorities Blow Up Christian Megachurch With Dynamite
No, You Can't Rewrite the Bible to Remove Gendered Language for God
A Clothing Line to Die for: Macy’s to Launch Line Geared Toward Muslims, Including Hijabs
Teacher Fired, Reported to Counter-Terrorism Agency After Telling Lesbian Student ‘God Loves You’
University: Drag Queens are Welcome, Creationists Are Not
845,875 People Surrender to Christ During Reinhard Bonnke's Farewell Crusade
The Basics of Apostasy
The Tin Foil Hat Brigade
Cardinal Marx, Papal Adviser: Catholic Priests May Bless Homosexual Couples
14 Christian House Church Leaders Abducted in China Amid Communist Crackdown on Faith
Satanic-themed Ice Cream Shop Trashes Jesus in Bizarre Marketing Scheme
TobyMac - Love Broke Thru – video of day
Why Evangelicals Support Trump
German Politician Explains That He Became a Muslim Because of Church’s Approval of Same-Sex Marriage
JAN 30
Ex-Scientologist Who Claims the Church Forced Her to Have an Abortion and Take Part in 'Slave Labor'
JAN 29
Hal Lindsey Report: 1/26/2018 – video of the week
JAN 26
215 Million Christians Persecuted, Mostly by Muslims
JAN 23
215,000,000 Christians Persecuted, Mostly by Muslims
“Grassroots Revival Communities Will Begin to Flourish in Canada in 2018.”
Scholars Decipher One of Last Remaining Mysterious Parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Oldest Bible Texts
JAN 18
The Supreme Court Quietly Gives Religious Liberty a Big Win
People Are 'Becoming Afraid of Faith' in America, Senator Lankford Says
Homeless Drunk Transformed Into Preacher for Christ!
The Incredible Message from Holly Butcher, a 27-Year-Old Dying Woman
JAN 16
Muslims Demand Church Bells Be Silenced in Genoa
JAN 12
Why Professing Christ Is Becoming a ‘Hate Crime’ in the West
Nero Caesar and the Christian Faith
Things Which Will Be Shaken
The Removing of Those Things That Are Shaken
The Coming Holocaust on Christianity – video
JAN 11
North Carolina Imam’s Sermon on Jerusalem Invokes ‘End of Time’ War Against Jews
…Third Imam to Call for Their Murder
The 50 Worst Places on Earth for Christians 
Catholic Cardinal: 'Homosexuality is Never Permitted' -- 'Sodom?' God 'Destroyed Them'
Charismatic Humbug: Occult Deception in the Church – video of week
Alaska Town Forgoes Funding Church Renovation After Atheist Group Complains
7 Evangelicals Who Made an Impact in 2017
Feds Change Tune, Agree to Help Hurricane-Hit Churches
Chelsea Clinton to Church of Satan: Happy New Year: 'It's Been So Long!'
The Last Jedi and the New Atheism
Kitty Hawk Methodist Church Suspends Lead Pastor After 4 Women Accuse Him of Sexual Harassment
Calif. County Allows Christian Group to Display Nativity Scene on Public Property for Epiphany
Christians “Slaughtered Like Chicken” – Just a Month in the Lives of Christians under Islam
Is the Wrath of God a Myth or Reality?
Was 2017 a Year of Reckoning?