In Search of the "Antichrist" of our times
as of 25 June 2017

- With sincere thanks to all of you readers and listeners who are sharing your info on possible antichrist candidates! - Stan

See: Pope Francis' Biography
Against ISIS
Former US President Barack Hussein Obama II
Doesn't know ISIS or terrorists exist
President Bashar Al Assad
Against ISIS
No MABUS connection yet. not likely yet
He has already formed an Arabic Union of some 34 countries. Mohammad Bin Salman = M B S, Arabic Union = a u
They form: MaBuS. Did Nostradamus pick him?
No link found yet to a MaBuS word or title. Did Nostradamus pick him? not likely yet
(John 5:43)... "another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive." Read about Obama's name:
(I saw) (satan) (fall) (like) (lightning) (from) (the heights) = ra'ah satan naphal 'aher baraq o bamah
No MABUS connection yet. not likely yet
Would head of an Islamic Caliphate = Prince Erdogan?
As president he is like a prince - not a king. Now that Donald Trump is the current president, he could leave the USA and become the head of a new world order linked to the Vatican heirarchy and could become a 'prince' in the vatican heirarchy - perhaps as a cardinal. Maybe he will admit to his Muslim faith instead.
Will Assad be Prince of an Arab Union to sign covenant?
Does "Salman" = "Solomon" (Rev 13:18)?
The number 666 points to but one name in the Bible: King Solomon. He was known for his great
wisdom. However, he was named for the first Assyrian King Shalmaneser I - who formed the Assyrian Empire some 300 years before Solomon of Israel was born and named after him. One source said Shalmaneser meant, "fire worshipper"; while another translated his name to mean, "the god Shalman is chief" and yet another translated it to mean, "the god Shalmanu is pre-eminent."

The later Assyrian king Shalmaneser II used a mysterious fire weapon ahead of his troops against opposing armies. The weapon was referred to by the king as "Nergal" and it frightened the opposing armies greatly. Some modern translators of the name "Nergal" say it was "a desert god of fire - a close servant of Satan."

The "false prophet (2nd beast" uses fire too: Rev. 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

Does Erdogan have the name/title "Solomon" yet? Possible in the future as Turkey reveres 'Solomon' or perhaps 'Shalman' or 'Suleimon.'

He has used large fireworks displays at New Years Eve celebrations. Were or will something like this be "fire from heaven?" Rev. 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men

His Interior Minister is Suleyman Soylu who is a strong leader in the "revived Ottoman state."
At this point it is uncertain why he or his actions would warrant calling him a modern master of wisdom like the legendary King Solomon.

If he is hiding some large deception as to his character and objectives in the new world order, it might be that
when his deception is revealed he will be viewed to have the wisdom of Solomon.
Assad may have several reason to adopt the number "666". use this search to see what I mean.

Assad's dad, Hafez Al Assad, was the President of Syria for 30 years. He changed the family name from Al-Wahash (beast or savage in Arabic) to Al-Assah (Lion in Arabic). Basher Assad's REAL name is Basher Wahash, Basher the beast or savage!

As for why Assad might be called, "Solomon", there is an ancient temple site located near the village of Ain Dara, northwest of Aleppo, Syria. It pre-dated Solomon's Temple by about 300 years and bears two giant footprints carved into the floor of it. Note: 33 of the architectural elements found in Ain Dara are tallied with 65 of the features mentioned in the Biblical description of Solomon's Temple.

Also note that Syria was ancient Bashan where the giant OG was the king. The giants were thought to be descendants of crosssbreeding between fallen ones and human women. See: the circle of Og or the Rephain?

So far we cannot find a link to him being a descendant of the tribe of Dan. Not likely yet.
Is Prince Salman a descendant of Dan? Widespread - but as yet unproven rumors say the Saud family are not Arabic - but are from Mordakhai Bin Ibrahim Bin Moshe of Basra - an israelite merchant (from Dan?).
Did some of the Tribe of Dan leave members in Turkey and is Erdogan from an Israelite lineage?
Is he part Hebrew and somehow related to the tribe of Dan?
When Moses gave his final blessings to the children of Israel, "And of Dan he said, Dan is a lion's whelp: he shall leap from Bashan" (Deut. 33:22). Notice! Dan would be a vigorous, warlike, tribe of warriors. He would not sit solitary, and be content but would "leap" forth, and journey forth, by leaps.
Dan. 11:37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.
Dan. 11:38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.
Does MBS show disregard for the god of his fathers? i.e for Islam or possibly for Judaism?

He is against the Shi'ite branch of Islam.

Does Erdogan show disregard for the god of his fathers? i.e. for Islam or Judaism or Christianity?
Obama claims to be a Christian but acts like a closet Muslim. As yet he has not shown complete disregard for the god of his fathers but he has removed the cross and many Judeo-Christian images from public places.
Assad is an Alawite (a Shia sect of Islam). Alawites celebrate Easter and Christmas and use bread and wine in their religious services. Sunnis call them "little christians". So, even though this is an Islamic sect, Assad appears semi-christian which is against the god of his fathers.
Probably not a Syrian by DNA. Why would he be called the "Assyrian"? Will it be because of a solution to the Syrian situation? Not likely yet.
Could MBS be called The Assyrian? He was born in Jeddah which contains the oldest Assyrian Church in the region. If he is truly from a Jewish lineage in Basra that region was once part of the Assyrian Empire. His family name (Salman) is taken from "Shalmaneser I" - a king of Assyria who is revered in the Arab countries as a great hero or god or prophet in their legends. See: Shulmanu-asharedu
Could Erdogan be called The Assyrian? He was born in Istanbul which was a part of the ancient Assyrian Empire.
Was Obama born in Kenya? Was Kenya a part of the Assyrian Empire at its greatest extent?
Born in Damascus, Syria 1965. No question - Assad is an Assyrian.... perhaps "the Assyrian" soon.
Will he have a fierce countenance? See Dan 8:23
Definitely not a happy look... but is it a fierce countenance?
Will he have a fierce countenance? See Dan 8:23
MBS is known for his very bad temper, but if this is his worst look, hmmmm...
Will he have a fierce countenance? See Dan 8:23
We had no trouble finding fierce looks for Erdogan. He can make fierce faces.
Will he have a fierce countenance? See Dan 8:23
We had no trouble finding fierce looks from Obama. He can make fierce faces, too.
Will he have a fierce countenance? See Dan 8:23
Is this really a fierce countenance?...

Not sure about this one. If Rome is the location then the sea is to the south and east is only Greece and Turkey. However if the Vatican establishes a site in Jeruslaem the problem would be that it is already in the "pleasant land."
If the "little horn" of Dan 8:9 is MBS then he has countries to the South (Yemen, Oman and UAE), to the east (Iraq and possibly Iran and Jordan} which is toward "the pleasant land" (Israel).
Erdogan has Azerbaijan and part of Iran on the east. On the south it has Syria and Iraq. Israel is also to the south which does not fit the "toward the pleasant land" description as there are no countries in a different direction than south from Turkey to Israel.
Obama would need to move to Europe or the Middle East to fulfill Dan 8:9.
Turkey lies north Syria and both Jordan and Saudi Arabia lie to the south.Israel lies to the southwest of Syria and Iraq is east of Syria.
The Pope does say he is God on Earth already.
Has MBS called himself god that people should worship him? Not as far as we can determine. Not likely as yet.
Possibly,... Erdogan has proclaimed himself to be 'god' according to Walid Shoebat.
He has not declared himself to be 'god'... yet. The future may see him do so...
Syrian soldiers forcing Syrians to say "No god but Bashar Al Assad, no god but Maher Al-Assad" and, "We worship Bashar al-Assad before Allah." If Assad is behind this, then he is putting himself above Jesus as the Christ.
The Vatican was apparently defeated by Napoleon in 1796 but it recovered in 1929 under the terms of the Lateran Treaty by Mussolini which may the Vatican an independent sovereign state.
MBS has not yet suffered a fatal wound and been raised from the dead.
Erdogan has not yet suffered a fatal wound and been raised from the dead.
It is not sure that the first beast (the antichrist personage) will die from a head wound. It has been pointed out that Obama has a large scar on the back of his head though.
Assad has not suffered a "head wound" but his country might surely have suffered a wound from ISIS that would count for apparently killing Syria,
An argument can be made that the Vatican has changed the Sabbath form Saturday to Sunday and that various religious holidays have been made to concur with pagan celebrations like Easter and Ishtar. Even weekday names were changed.
MBS has not tried to change the times in Saudi Arabia BUT has he plans to change the laws of his country or least to weaken them in favor of more freedom for women. He is a reformer though but he is not yet the King.
Erdogan is pushing to change the Turkish constitution (the law) and the times. See: Dan 7:25 and read time-change
Obama is changed US law and ignored the US Constitution but these are local changes; so unless he comes into power on a global scale this is not likely.
Assad offered a variety of concessions, first shuffling his cabinet and then announcing that he would seek to abolish Syria’s emergency law and its Supreme State Security Court, both of which were used to suppress political opposition.
This Pope has not yet denied that Jesus is THE Christ but when this Pope forms the New World Religion he might demote Jesus to Greatest Prophet like the Muslims see Him.
MBS as a Muslim denies that Jesus is the Christ.
Erdogan as a Muslim denies that Jesus is the Christ. It is more likely that Erdogan sees himself as the Christ.
Obama has not yet openly denied that Jesus is the Christ.
Assad is an Alawite (a Shia sect of Islam). Alawites celebrate Easter and Christmas and use bread and wine in their religious services. Sunnis call them "little christians" but they suspect the sect has strange rituals.