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Apr 24 show cancelled due to regional broadcast difficulties in Hagmann's area.

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Video of the Week 1, 2 – HOLLY NOTE: For video #1, it's unfortunate that the entire 40-minute program wasn't made available, but this link gives you 31 minutes (H/T Paul Dostie). This was the most comprehensive information squeezed into the shortest amount of time we've ever seen on EMP. You can watch it in its entirety IF you go the "On Demand" route, which we highly recommend. You might be surprised to hear who is the biggest fly in the ointment in hardening the grid.

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Stan guests with Doug and Joe on The Hagmann Report, Apr 17. Listen

Stan guests with Pastor Butch Paugh on Call to Decision, Apr 16. Listen

Stan guests with Pastor Paul Begley Apr 5, 2 pm MT. Listen

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In collaboration with Black Sea Jewelers, custom jeweler Kristina Groetsch (pictured) and Stan Deyo announce their Garden of Eden Collection, based on Stan's 2014 discovery of the actual Garden in Tanzania. Kristina, who comes from a long line of Bulgarian jewelers, perfectly captures the essence of this amazing exotic World Heritage Site.

All pieces in the collection are original designs and for authenticity, use only gems mined in that country for primary stones. Each creation represents an animal or artifact found in Africa's Garden of Eden. Besides the designs pictured and those on their site, many other pieces will be offered. Every stunning piece can be customized in various colors and weights of gold, as well as silver and platinum. Come and see more, and meet Kristina!

HOLLY NOTE: I was honored to receive the first piece in this collection on our 20th Anniversary. Stan and Kristina had worked on the unique design in secret. It arrived in a beautiful box compete with a real peacock feather, symbolic of their Garden of Eden Collection logo. I thought the stunning necklace was a sampling of what would be in the line and then was shocked to learn it was to commemorate our special day. Having seen this piece in person, I can share that these photos don't begin to do them justice!


The EMP Shield will protect your home or business against EMP threats from a nuclear bomb and by a massive solar eruption. EMP is the single worst threat to America. If you are new to this topic, see The EMP Threat and Solution Explained. It just made the front page of the Topeka Capital-Journal: "Working in Nanoseconds: Burlington Business Sees Potential in EMP Shield," or see screen snaps of page 1 and page 2.

Our EMP Shield is mighty!4x stronger than military grade – and just in time with all the reports of nuclear war and increased threats to the power grid! NOTE: This is a different project from the alternate energy device described above.

On Nov. 22, 2017, the EMP SHIELD received all accreditation from the Dept. of Defense EMP Shield testing lab in Pittsburg. Test results are available here. Professional testers tried their hardest to make it fail and it passed with flying colors. They were amazed! The EMP Shield is easy to install. Simple 2-page installation instructions here. If you're unfamiliar with the EMP Threat, watch Stan's video.

Contact Stan and he will send you a discount for a
$50 SAVINGS. This applies to multiple-unit orders saving $50 on each EMP Shield. Email Stan with EMP Shield in the subject line or use this: Once you receive the code, go to to place your order.

Liberman: If Iran Strikes Tel Aviv, Israel Will Hit Tehran
Is Iran Undergoing Divine Retribution For Its Constant Threatening of Israel? Earthquakes and Sandstorms Rocking the Country Might Give the Answer
Iran’s Khamenei Urges Muslim Nations to Unite Against U.S.
NASA Says the Solar Flare That Caused a Radio Blackout Last September Was The Biggest Flare in a Decade – HOLLY NOTE: Very unusual that this occurred near solar minimum.

How Bad Will a Hayward Fault Earthquake Actually Be, and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

39 People Injured in Turkey Earthquake
Germany’s Merkel: No to Jerusalem Embassy, No to ‘Settlements,’ Yes to Iran Nuclear Deal

North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site Has Collapsed ... And That May Be Why Kim Jong-Un Suspended Tests
China Tests Fighter Jets Equipped With 'Invisibility Cloaks'
Russia Claims It Has a US Tomahawk Cruise Missile and Will Use It to Improve Its Own Weapons
Parents Mount Last Ditch Effort to Save Their Baby Son
‘Breathtaking Homicidal Violence’: Latin America in Grip of Murder Crisis Matthew 24:12 and Revelation 9:21
How The Globalism Con Game Leads to a ‘New World Order’
Mass Exodus From California, New York, Other Liberal States Due to GOP Tax Plan: Report

Jeff Bezos Booed By Amazon Workers
'Incel Rebellion': The Toronto Suspect Apparently Posted About It
Timothy Alberino & Sharon K. Gilbert - Evolve or Die!
How Astronauts Saved the Hubble Space Telescope From Disaster

Energy From Lasers? Chemists Create New Form of CO2 That Can Be Used as Alternative Energy Source
Father Ray Kelly Takes Us to Church With Amazing Version of ‘Everybody Hurts’ in BGT Auditions

GUILTY! Justice Finally for Cosby Survivors!

Comic Legend Lashes Out in Profane Rant After Being Found Guilty of Drugging, Raping Women
…Will Likely Die in Jail
Bill Cosby: A 50-year Chronicle of Accusations and Accomplishments
White House Doctor to 3 Presidents Ronny Jackson Withdraws From VA Nomination

Comey Memos Shared More Broadly Than Previously Thought

Judicial Watch Reveals ‘Collusion’ Between Clinton State Dept, Clinton Foundation
When It Comes to Sexual Misconduct, Hillary Clinton Takes Whatever Side Benefits Her Most
Pompeo Set to Be Confirmed on Thursday

Republicans Expect to Get Missing Strzok-Page Memos; Still Seeking Missing Clinton Emails
"Black People Don't Have to Be Democrats": Obama-Linked Rapper Backs Kanye as MSM Melts Down Over MAGA

Kanye West Goes on a Twitter Rant Loses 9 Million Followers

Democrats Try to Block Trump Court Nominee Who Opposed Boys Using Girls’ Bathrooms
Port Authority Commissioner Telling Cops: 'You May Shut the F--- Up!'

Former Police Officer ID'd as Suspected Golden State Killer, Who Terrorized California in the '70s and '80s

California School District Says Parents CAN'T OPT OUT of Curricula on Gender Identity, Expression, or Sexual Orientation
AP Suggests Criticizing Journalists is “Hate Speech
Anthem Sees Profits Jump 30% After Shedding ObamaCare Customers
Do Liberals Want These Migrants to Die?
Merck Accused of Fraud, Deceit, Negligence In US Gardasil Case
Migrant ‘Caravan’ at U.S.-Mexico Border Prepares For Mass Crossing

…Bypassed Asylum in Mexico, Headed Straight for the U.S.
US Warns Caravan…
Shock: Admitted MS-13 Illegals Placed Around the Country

$46,654: Annual Cost of Detaining Illegal Aliens Exceeds Average American Income
ICE Boss Takes on NY Gov. Cuomo, Calls Slams 'Insult' to Agency

Coast Guard Seizes 12+ Tons of Cocaine Worth an Estimated $390 Million

Here's Why Millennials Should Be Furious About DACA  

GOP Senator: Inaction on DACA is ‘an Indictment of Us in Congress
Napolitano: Trump's Travel Ban Will Be Upheld in 5-4 Supreme Court Vote
Paul Washer: Signs of Demonic Activity & Apostasy In Church
The Bilderberg Group Can't Save Evangelicalism
Did the Call For Christians to "Just Preach the Gospel" Result in California Becoming Anti-Christian?
Pew: 75% Talk to God, 28% Say God Talks Back
Bavaria Places Christian Crosses in State Buildings to Reflect 'Christian Values'

Activists Confess ‘Bible Ban’ Does Target ‘Faith Community’
What Good Is There In Studying Bible Prophecy?
The Storm is Here
Romaine Lettuce Outbreak Is a Virulent One in an Already Busy 2018

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